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Bitcoins in Argentina

By Dennis#MD, 04/08/18

One of the most appealing qualities of bitcoin is its independence from any government-issued fiat currency. Advocates argue that, in theory, if a country's national currency were to collapse or become extremely unstable, a decentralized currency like bitcoin is the ideal alternative for citizens to store value and fight inflation.

Indeed, Argentina has seen considerable inflation and monetary restrictions on its fiat currency, the Argentinian peso. 'Bitcoins in Argentina' is a short film that tells the story of Argentinians turning to bitcoin as an alternative way to protect their wealth.

Behind The Scenes: 'Bitcoins in Argentina' is produced by BitcoinFilm.org, the same team behind 'Bitcoin in Uganda'. The filmmakers hope to continue showcasing profound examples of bitcoin's value to society, and fans can support their efforts by donating to their public bitcoin wallet.

Since the documentary was released last year, Argentina's relationship with the digital currency has wavered. The South American country's central bank recently issued a warning to citizens, arguing that there's "still no consensus" about bitcoin on an international level

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