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Uinvest ~

UInvest, a leading global investment and funding firm, has released details about viable online investment options for the everyday investor. Through a unique program, UInvest offers ordinary investors the means to put their money to work on their behalf and reap the rewards of a sound investment strategy.

Globalization has given investors new venture opportunities that were not available previously. In addition, with the assistance of innovative programs offered by UInvest, average investors now have the chance to invest online in and own part of their dreams. According to Chief of Business Development, Alex Darialov, “In our globalized world, there are no more borders for businesses, we are all interconnected. We give usual people the tools to benefit from this through online investing.”

UInvest was founded in 2006 by five entrepreneurs who saw a need to bolster businesses suffering from a poor economy. Their initial efforts met with tremendous success, and they decided to take the project international, through the Internet. Thus, UInvest was born. From the firm’s inception until 2010, UInvest has processed more than $50 million in total resources and have enabled several thousand online investors to make their investment dreams a reality.

According to Vitaliy Danilenko, owner of UInvest, “I’ve always dreamt of owning a vineyard, but this wasn’t possible if you’re not rich enough. Now, it is affordable to everyone – go buy a share of your dream, own it, grow it, earn on it – and all online.”

Perhaps the most interesting innovation on the part of this firm is the fact that all investments are carried out directly online through a secure website interface. This means that investors from around the world can participate in the international investment market, from the privacy of their own homes by investing their money online.

In addition, UInvest offers the opportunity to invest in small and medium businesses, not just corporate giants. This means that the average investor is able to make his or her investment money go much further than would otherwise be possible.


UInvest offers the “average” investor the chance to find viable business ideas to invest in and make the best possible return on that money.

At you become a co owner of REAL businesses (gas stations, restaurants, hotels etc), you can come and see what you invest in, manage their growth, payout dividends - or just sit and watch your income grow! In just a few minutes you can buy a share of a profitable gas station or a restaurant - YOU decide where to invest and how much. If you buy a controlling bloc of shares - you decide how will the business develop.

Payment options:

1. Credit Card

2. Wire transfer

3. Check payments

4. Liberty Reserve (directly with UI)

5. AlertPay

6. PayPal

The following information is available on their contact page, you can contact Uinvest by phone or mail for United States at Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA Suite 900, 9595 Wilshire Blvd USA (toll free) +1-888-5817883 and for Ukraine at 04116 Kiev Melnikova 83 Phone number +38-044-2278174.

UInvest makes another important step in its development: UInvest Inc., our american unit, is now the member of Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce (

UInvest/ - Buy/sell shares of real projects, manage them - all online, guaranteed high profit.

Live chat for investors

Forum support

No Fees for Withdraw

No Withdraw Minimum


10/19/2011 11:30 740XXX U7395707 (UINVEST) + $156.89 $1.57 $XXXX Hide

Merchant Reference: Memo: funds withdrawal

Thank you

10/23/2011 10:11 744XXXX U7395707 (UINVEST) + $10.42 $0.11 $XXXX Hide

Merchant Reference: Memo: funds withdrawal

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You have received a payment to your account U6376392 (Venture Capital Online Services):

Date: 1/30/2012 1:13 PM

Batch: 83350565

From Account: U7395707 (UINVEST)

Amount: $5.52

Memo: funds withdrawal ( user hyipinvestnet : 2413 )

You have received a payment to your account U6376392 (Venture Capital Online Services):

Date: 1/31/2012 11:35 AM

Batch: 83465966

From Account: U7395707 (UINVEST)

Amount: $5.22

Memo: funds withdrawal ( user hyipinvestnet : 2413 )

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Hi everyone,

We are glad to inform you about new investment opportunity:

Region of Business: Ukraine, Kyivska obl

Business: Brewing Plant

Period of business activity: 11 years

Funds required: $1,480,000

Monthly earnings: $274,000

Price per share $740, profit $137 per month, the overall number of shares is 2000.

Our one of the main principles is company’s transparency and 24/7 information availability for our clients therefore feel free to ask any questions.

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Hi all,

Let me post a gentle reminder that Uinvest always cares about your confidence in the investment in any project, that is

why we would like to inform you that a UInvest representative has had a meeting

with Palm Oil business owners in Indonesia this week, and this project passed a

successful verification by UInvest.

Our one of the main principles is company’s transparency and 24/7 information availability for our clients, therefore feel free to contact and ask any questions.

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Dear Investors, please, be avised about our Friday newsletter:

Friday newsletter – a few events worth uinvestors' attention

Uinvest FP contest has recently started

• Uinvest FP contest has recently started, and we are proud of the outstanding numbers that are ready to be announced. The number of closed transactions is as high as 1263, and the total dollar amount of the cash flow reached fantastic $629,732.79. That is impressive, isn’t it? Numbers speak louder than words, and they vividly prove that FP contest has the right approach, and it is truly successful. Needless to say, that we had another contests.It’s a pleasure for us to offer you these unique opportunities to compete, win, and earn.

Trading Company project have been officially closed

All investors were informed that up to October 10, 2012 everyone had an opportunity to sell shares of the trading company project on their own/efforts. Those ones, who could not complete selling by the appointed deadline, did not lose a penny, as all shares were bought by the market maker at the start price. Clients received all the money back in a timely manner, the project was closed and dismissed from the investment list. It is worth outlining that your investments with UInvest are always secured.

Successful verification of the Palm Oil Project

Palm Oil project has been successfully verified by a UInvest representative, and the detailed information can be obtained from the last management chat.

Crowdfunding benefits

Canadians are taking full advantage of the crowdfunding benefits with UInvest. Canadian businesses need help accessing financing and private investment, as well as supporting the commercialization of innovations.


Read more:

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Dear all,

Kindly be advised about our regular Friday newsletter:

Welcome to UInvest’s exhibition at CrowdConf2012:

We are proud to announce that UInvest is an exhibitor of such an important event as CrowdConf 2012 that will take place on October 23, 2012 in San Francisco, CA. This is a great acknowledgement of UInvest’s strategy, activities, and influence around the world. We are looking forward to meeting our dear UInvestors in person and supply you with all the necessary information.

GUN rush

A few minutes ago GUN project put remaining 28 shares on sale. Announced on Wednesday, this offer was unique and UInvestors unlike anybody else know the project’s potential and understand the value of the shares. The sale was extremely hot: all shares were sold out within 2 minutes! We congratulate new GUN co owners!

GUN’s first module has been completed in the GUN Academy

We are proud to announce that the first module of the first GUN Academy group has been successfully completed this week. Every student has shown a great start and a considerable progress towards the initial and main goal – to become a UInvest agent upon the accomplishment of the 10-module course. Nine more modules are left, and we are sure that all our graduates will become highly qualified, professional and committed agents of UInvest.


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Uinvest just have a security system update to avoid hacker and scammer.

We’ve provide a set of renovations of security system, now to provide maximal security of your account you should go through link: and use password restoration process. Sorry for inconveniences.

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Gun holidays:

Owing to the coming holidays Tuesday online meeting will be postponed for two weeks. Thus, the next Webinar will be held on January, 8 at usual time 3 p.m. GMT.

Wish you to enjoy your holidays and hope to meet you in 2013 full of energy, filled with bright ideas and plans for fruitful cooperation!

Happy New Year and merry Christmas!!!


GUN Project Team

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Conference newsletter
Staying at Crowne Plaza Hotel hotel_bell.png

For UICC 2013, we have managed to negotiate a special rate with the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Beverly Hills - the venue of choice of the conference.

The hotel is centrally located to dining, shopping, the UInvest office, and other attractions in Beverly Hills.

The rate is $185/night+tax. Now, this is pretty nifty considering an average hotel rate in Beverly Hills being $250/night+tax!

To make a reservation, click the link below, check your dates, and find the hotel number on the reservations page.

To get a special rate, mention that you are attending the UInvest conference:

However, for some attendees, who would like to stick to a tighter budget, would be a great resource for alternative hotels in oraround Beverly Hills. Among others, the Crescent Hotel ( might be a great choice with the rate of $174/night +tax located within a 15-20 minute walk from Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills and a 5-10 minutes walk from the UInvest office.

Your Virtual Mini Tour of Beverly Hills beverly_hills_sign1.jpg

If you have never been to Beverly Hills, you might want to get a preview here:

UICC 2013 Registration Updates Update2.jpg

This week, we had new uinvestors register from Iceland, Ukraine, Canada, and South Africa, which altogether adds up to 13 different countries. A truly international crowd! Want to represent your country?Sign up to attend the UICC 2013 Today!

Next letter will be issued on Wednesday 20th of

February. Stay tuned!

Regards, UInvest Support Team.

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