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I am not the Admin

the owner of the site is Sonia Gach - Honest And Reliable

Welcome To ProfitOnAds

What is Profit On Ads and how does it work?

It is a marketing and profit share Program. Members purchase ad packages which cost $25/each. For every purchased ad package you'll receive 10,000 banner impressions displayed on our website. You'll also receive one position in our profit sharing Program. We divide the profit generated on sales of ad packages between all our paid Members. The more positions you have - the bigger share in our profit you receive. It also applies to the banner impressions - the more ad packages you'll buy - the more exposure you'll receive.

We pay out the share from profits generated on the sales of ad packages on a daily basis. Payouts processed in 24 hours.

$10 minimum daily payout

Payouts processed in 24 hours

No Sponsoring Required to Earn

Fully Passive Income

Targeted Advertising

10% Referral Bonus

Attractive Referral Contest

Honest And Known Owner

Check us out now

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A message from admin


This is the Admin of ProfitOnAds.com with the update on the situation with our Program.

First of all I would like to inform that Alertpay is still unable to process transactions using Visa and Mastercard systems. Unfortunately they didn't keep their promise which was clear - that they'll fix this problem until the end of the business week. Today is Saturday and we are still facing this problem with many Members joining ProfitOnAds.com but being unable to pay for their positions using Visa or Mastercard.

If the problem won't be solved by Alertpay early next week we'll implement Credit Card processing through Solid Trust Pay.

In the meantime you can purchase positions using one of our alternative payment options. You can read about the details at:


We are still keeping our big advertising campaigns on hold until Alertpay will be able to process Visa and Mastercard normally. We'll hit the market with the massive YouTube campaign, paid Forum threads, Google and Yahoo adwords, paid start pages in most major Traffic Exchanges and many other sources of high quality targeted traffic once Alertpay will fix their CC processing problems.

Now it's an excellent time to purchase or re-purchase positions. Every position purchased at this stage will most likely bring you very high level of profits once we'll "slam" the market with everything we have in our "advertising arsenal". Please do not wait and grab more positions a.s.a.p.

I would also like to remind you that you'll get 10% from all initial purchases and re-purchases of your referrals. Lifetime. It's a very good idea to invite at least a few people to join ProfitOnAds.com to build a very nice income stream for yourself. You can also do it as a Free Member!

Please remember about our Referral Contest running until the 30th November (inclusive) with $1000 in cash for the grabs!

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,



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I have just received another withdrawal from ProfitOnAds.com:

Date: October 21, 2011 4:59:04 AM

Amount Sent: $23.00 USD

Sender Name: Sonia Gach

Sender Email: [email protected]

Reference Number: XXXXXXXXXX

Message: ProfitOnAds.com - Withdrawal Of Funds.

Great job Admin! :)

I have just received the information that they are going to add Liberty Reserve and Solid Trust Pay as the alternative payment options. It's definitely a way to go guys! :)

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