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Overcoming “Blogging Fear”

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For those of you who are intimidated by the concept of adding a blog to your website – whether as a means to improve your on page SEO, connect with your customers, or simply as an educational tool for your site – this is for you. One of the biggest fears that prevent people from enhancing their site with blog is the fear that you aren’t a good writer. You don’t have to be an award winning writer though to deliver valuable content to your visitors. And if you don’t, who will? Your competition, that’s who!

So if your obstacle is that you aren’t a writer, hate writing, or have no idea what to write about for a blog, here are a few tips to overcome those obstacles:

• Set some goals as to what you want to accomplish & timelines for meeting those goals.

• Set a timeline for how often you will add content. Perhaps choose a specific focus for certain days of the week like Mondays for addressing commonly asked questions, Wednesdays for spotlighting cool/effect products/services relating to your niche, & Fridays for anecdotal posts.

• Start by jotting down bullet points to capture an idea quickly & get the creative juices flowing.

• Get in the habit of keeping a little notebook handy to write down ideas/inspiration when it hits

• Keep it simple. Write for a human audience. They aren’t expecting an English dissertation.

• Write! Or type. But just do a mental dump & let your ideas flow w/out worrying about perfect grammar or witty writing style. Go back later & edit your post before publishing.

• If you still can’t stand writing, look into a speech recognition software. They take a little time to “train” but can be a great time saver if you love to talk but stumble with pen & paper or typing.

Hope these ideas help :D

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I am also one of them who hate to write.But I know I have to change this habit if i want success online and these are some useful tips you have shared here.

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I think, books will do also. Reading books in English language had helped me a lot in the enhancement of my writing skills. Additionally, put this in your mind "Keep Writing". Everyday, try to write an article. Do strive also to improve your grammar. I firmly believe that in the end of the day, you will definitely succeed.

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