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Register today and get an early position on launch date on Friday October 14, 2011 (EASTERN TIME)!

Profit Income Plan Ltd. is the biggest and most profitable leader in the Cycler industry having more than 10,000 MEMBERS

with more than $6,000 USD PAYOUTS on it's sister site (PIP Circle)! Profit Income Plan is again opening this site to deliver exceptional online opportunity and top in the line customer service experience.


The concept is really simple! Become a member and purchase a position on any line/program.

You will get your invested amount doubled in as early as few days or even minutes! After your purchase,

your name will be placed at the bottom of the list and ALL YOU NEED TO DO is patiently wait for your

turn for payout when you reach the top of the list. All compensation are paid instantly at your convenience

to your registered AlertPay account!


Remain as a FREE member and earn through our referral program. Every member is provided with a unique affiliate link.

Each time a new user signs up using your affiliate link, he/she will be considered as your referral.

You earn 10% of the amount spent by your referral everytime they make purchases!

Best of all, you can have an unlimited referrals!


* Literally NO WORK required!

* No Pyramiding

* No Networking schemes!

* No Recruiting!

* No Selling!


* Referral Commissions!

* 1,000 Clicks Solo Ads via Buxicated.com (worth $50 USD)



Simple! Your rank in the Cycle List moves up by one level each time

TWO new positions are purchased after yours by anyone.

When your position reached the top of the cycle list,

you will receive a payout TWO times worth the value of your purchased position!

This is automatically paid by the system to your registered AlertPay account!


Because we do the advertising for you. This simple plan would work for you.

Even if you don't, it will still work for you! Whether you like it or not,

people from all over the world would join us.

Trusted and Transparent

We are dedicated to helping everyone as EASY as POSSIBLE!

We are committed to turn around your online investment experience!

See our payment proofs! You'd immediately realize what separates us from other sites

as we continue to deliver and empower our members!

We provide real-time site statistics because we do not lie or scam our members!


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