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Freebiejeebies -Get Free Stuff Or Get 25E For Every Referral That Joins! New +Proofs

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This is Unbelievable!! I tried this site about a month ago, Did the 1 OFFER and ordered my gift at finally!!! HERE IS HOW IT WORKS! And this is not a SCAM! 100% Legit...


You can also now get 25e for just referring people!!

Here are prises other people have gotten http://www.freebiejeebies.co.uk/testimonials

TO SEE VIDEO REVIEW CLICK : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7w3B7hN3NQ&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

So, the company 'Freebiejeebies' gets money

when you complete an 'OFFER'. And with that money they by you the gift you want! And then you call your friends to join and you get more GIFTS! OR you can take just MONEY to your paypal!

1. Sign up to freebiejeebies here: gifts.freebiejeebies.co.uk

2. Put VALID information like your street address and your name SO YOU WILL GET THE GIFT TO YOUR DOOR AND NOT SOME CHINESE KID!! :P

3. After singing up, You have to complete just '1 Offer'! I repeat, 1 OFFER!

4.go to to the offers section and complete the BEST offer of all!

It takes 5 minutes to do it!!

The Offer is called 'INTUIT' <---- It takes 5 minutes to complete it

You just sign up for the trial and you will get the offer completed!

5. INTUIT will ask you for your credit card WHAT YOU DONT NEED TO GIVE!!!!!


MAKE JUST A *VIRTUAL FREE CREDIT CARD* here: https://www.entropay.com/ <--- click SIGN UP

In entropay they will ask you your 'real' credit card number,




You CANNOT use the upper number for intuit because intuit only proves ONE creditcard number per account! So that number above will only work for the FIRST person that uses it NOW! ;) Go fast!

That is why you have to make

https://www.entropay.com/ FREE CREDITCARD

6. PUBLISH your new created web site (trial intuit web site)

Here is how to do the INTUIT offer STEP by STEP: <---- WATCH!!!!!!



GRATZ! YOUR READY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

This is my free Iphone 4! Unboxing

A Picture I took 4 days ago of my just arrived Iphone!!


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