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JOIN AMI-CODE For FREE! This is Germany's Site - We promise you here with a

prelaunch is absolutely unique and in this form it has never happened before!

"The AMI code" Your business is changing like lightning, elementary! Read here

briefly the facts, you can register for free to learn and be amazed!

Summary of the

* Free registration and membership - you do not pay a penny for entry or

membership and are paid from the beginning. That has never happened before!

* 429 000, - € in advance for you - That there has been in the industry than

ever! We put the money before the start for you on the table - no ifs or buts!

* 5X7 matrix with spillover - in the members area you Haen track of your

downline and get the commissions in real time on your account! Pro-filled matrix,

we will pay you € 9,765.50 plus bonuses and incentives!

* 10 cents for each referral on 7 levels - we can make in the prelaunch still not

rich but very easy as a few hundred euros to pay for recognition of your performance,

before "The AMI code" is launched!

* Weekly bonuses and incentives - can double the commission days way, doubling

the total commission, incentives, and your downline will grow quickly!

* Exclusive preliminary information about the "Code AMI" - The best will be the first

and our members are the best! personalized Web page to start IMMEDIATELY -

Sign up now for immediate friend to make earning money!

* Members with exclusive tips and information - we will help you to win in the

prelaunch many members so you are positioned at the official launch top!

* ... and much more ... You will be surprised - we are different than the others!

You read that right - we are investing €429,000 in the prelaunch ...

AMI-Code News Update!

We have reached the 120,000 members mark and

for the second time we’ve paid out 500, - € to

the referrer, who referred the members number

110.000 and 120.000. This campaign will continue

until we have reached 200,000 members worldwide.

Extra bonus – during 2 weeks - start is TODAY,6/10/2011

From now on every 48 hours we will select one

new member from all new registrations who will

receive 300, - Euro as a welcome bonus and the

responding referrer will receive a reward of

400 Euro. After the payment again, all new members

of the next 48 hours will be put into the pool

and thus have the chance to get a 300 €

welcome bonus.

Like that all referrers have the opportunity

now 7 times to receive a 400, - € bonus, if

they refer and work diligently. The more you

refer the more likely that you will get the

super bonus!


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