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You can earn home based income as well as internet income in our affordable 2x2 and 2x3 matrix opportunity.

On Fire Matrix is a $50.00 one time join fee, with a $10.00 per month software/admin fee. This is very affordable for opportunity seekers and small business /home business owners across the globe.

Total out of pocket to join the OnFireMatrix program is $60.00 US Dollars.

The company pays out over 90 PERCENT of its earnings to its members, which is truly unheard of in this industry.

In the OnFireMatrix global home business opportunity, you can also have multiple pay centers. This can increase your earnings substantially.

The 2 x 2 and 2 x 3 matrix opportunity also causes you to follow your sponsor from each matrix board to the next.

The Global Network build is one of the most exciting parts of this business as the whole entire company helps you to build your business from the top up. (when you see the webinar and power point presentation you will see the incredible and amazing power of this concept)!

There are no splitting boards in the On Fire Matrix, and you always stay with your team. When boards split, people get discouraged and lose contact with their initial team. This WILL NOT happen here.

There are no qualifications to join this company, and you can join from any part of the world. You will be able to pay with Alert Pay, and other processors will be added in the future.

Earnings to your E-Wallet will show in real time, and you can withdraw your earnings once per week.

In addition, you can transfer E-Wallet funds to other members in the OnFireMatrix back office. This makes paying it forward and working with other team members to help them bring in other members.

Your monthly software/membership fee will be taken out of earnings from your back office.

This truly exciting and lucrative opportunity is sweeping the globe, because of the excellent and affordable products and a compensation plan that can help you earn hundreds to several thousands of dollars in matrix cash anywhere around the world.



Click Here To Join

Incorrectly posted Description, corrected...

Please read the instructions for posting a Topic...

Thank you, skylady

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