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Clix21 - Clix21.com

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Special Offer:

The First 500 members will get Pioneer membership for free

As Pioneer, You will have some benefits like more direct ref limit, cheap renting etc....


4 ads, worth $0.0070


4 ads, worth $0.0070


4 ads, worth $0.0105


3 ads, worth $0.0120


Privilege: Premium

Pay per click: $0.01

Pay per referral click: $0.005

Max. direct referrals: 50

Days registered for payout: 7

Clicks needed for payout: 75

Payout minimum: $2

Payout total maximum (percentage): 125%

Payout via: PP/LR

Payout method: Manually

Referral link: http://www.clix21.com/?ref=web08

To receive new sites everyday, visit my blog :


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