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Step 1. Follow all instructions EXACTLY! First things first, you need an iPhone or Android phone (iPod touches and iPads work also, I'm assuming it is the same way with android tablets/touch players.) If you don't have one of these, you may as well leave this guide NOW.

Step 2. Open up the browser on your device. (Ex. Safari on the iPhone), and go to M.APPREDEEM.COM. Follow the onscreen instructions about adding to your homepage. Accept the name and it wil be added to your homepage.

Step 3. Have you followed all of the other steps? Good. Now open up the App Redeem app. Now click on the first free app, and you will have to do some setting up. Then go back to app redeem. Don't download anything yet.

Step 4. Go to the settings tab and register your account. Make sure you have a verified Paypal email. You can change these settings at any time.


Step 5. Time to make your first 25 cents!! On the 3rd option, it asks for a "Bonus Code" Enter this, and in the text box fill in kornrocks .You and I will both receive 25 free cents!!!

Step 6. Now the hardest part, getting the apps.

Downloading most of the free ones will make you about 7 dollars.

If you like the paid ones, download them also! You could make way more than this guide says you can if you download the paid apps. To recieve the points on the apps, you need to play around with them for a while. After, go back to AppRedeem and rate them, B A A M (Pun Intended) there's your free money.

Step 7. Almost done! Now that you have your points, time to cash out. Hit the redeem tab at the bottom and choose paypal. If you need to change your email to a Paypal verified email, do so before this step. Let them verify your email, and then hit redeem again. You should be transfered the amount of points you have straight into your Paypal.


Step 8. Repeat these steps on all compatible devices, and you should have a lot of money added up!


Incorrectly posted Title & Description,corrected...

Please read the instructions for posting aTopic...

Thank you, skylady

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