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Soltfin - Soltfin.com

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Welcome to SoltFin

The Soltfin Investment – the company, which earned their multimillion incomes on the foreign exchange market (Forex). Our team is consist of professional traders and managers, financial analysts. Their experience has allowed our company to become a leader in global financial markets. The appearance of internet technology has made Forex more popular and more accessible for various types of investors. And our company since 2011 is online, which has greatly expanded the range of our clients, which include institutional investors, corporations, other financial institutions, retail and private investors.

The Soltfin Investment by used such a large selection of financial tools for guaranty of get the stable profit to your capital in the shortest terms. A successful combination of online technology and talented traders allows our company to been in all world time zones. The Soltfin Investment is trading by means of a wide variety of different investment tools - both online and offline - for to provide the high yield your investments. The Soltfin Investment use an automated trading system in their work. Our trade dials is based on a scientific approach which implies calculating probability of bargain outcomes, to minimize risks of losses capital. Proper use of the considerable experience of international practices helps to ensure huge growth of total profits, which ultimately covers the amount of possible losses.

The Soltfin Investment offer best conditions for all investors, what allowed to get the best benefits for your preferences.

Using your funds, the team generates daily returns, based on the earnings from their daily Forex trade. Your account balance is reflecting at daily basis the total profits of our team.

We invite you to join to Soltfin Investment!

The Soltfin Investment help you to achieve financial freedom with us!

Name Term Investor's share * Min. amount Max. amount

Basic 25 days 40% (max 1.2%) 5.00 300.00

Standart 50 days 50% (max 1.5%) 300.01 1,500.00

Advanced 80 days 60% (max 1.8%) 1,500.01 7,000.00

Professional 110 days 70% (max 2.1%) 7,000.01 30,000.00

Expert 150 days 80% (max 2.5%) 30,000.01 -

* User has an active deposit of $2,000 (Advanced) and company's current value for daily profit is 2.76%. This user's profit will than be 60% of 2.76%, or 60*2.76/100=1.65%

- We pay only on business days (Mon-Fri), excluding weekends and holidays

- At the end of the maturity period, the principal amount is returned to the investor

- Compoundig is not available

- Premature closing fee: 30%

Accepts LR, PM

4% ref. bonus

Link: http://soltfin.com/

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