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[Wts] Vcc Untuk Paypal & E-Bay. Verify Paypal !

Guest hazephase

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Guest hazephase

Item(s) :

VISA Legal Virtual Credit Card !

Package includes :

(1) Virtual Credit Card Number (VISA)

(2) 3 digits CVV Number

(3) Expire Date ( 4 Months Used , need to renew back )

(4) Expanded No for Paypal use only (Boleh dapat terus dalam 5min hingga 10min)

Price : 8$ new price

Contact method/details :

YM ! : poivideo

MSN : [email protected]

Please note :- If your PayPal needs to add bank account in addition to CC you can just lift your account

limit with VCC. To verify such PayPal you must have a valid bank account, only VCC will not do. e.g. in case of US PayPal account.

Features of the VCC :-

* Verify your PayPal account within seconds.

* No future risk of loosing money by CC payment if your PayPal being hacked.

* You will get the 16 digit Visa Credit Card Number, Card expiry date & Card Verification Value (CVV) by email within 24 hours of your payment.

* If you remain online & use the information provided immediately to your unverified PayPal account I will send you the verification code within minutes.

* Only one time use card can't be used again.

* 100% verification rate.

* If you find it difficult to verify your PayPal using my VCC I will refund your payment within 48 hours.

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