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5 ways to advertise your business blog

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Great content, I had learned about content marketing earlier and your tips look similar to them, that also makes me feel good, Thanks!

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To advertise your business blog, ensure you have high quality content so that other blogs can banklink to your site. Share your stuff on social sites and relevant forums in your niche. You can also guest post in other websites and link your blog as well in posts 

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you can advertise your blogs by :

1. Facebook, you can share your blog link on facebook

2. collaborating with others blog writers to drop your link in their content

3. you can use twitter and other social media to drive the traffic to your blog 

4. you can use reddit to share the blog so that the traffic is driven to your page

5. you can also internal link the blog on your other blog so that the user can navigate to the other blog thus increasing the overall traffic of your website too

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On 8/8/2009 at 2:30 AM, Dennis#MD said:

Nowadays blogs are not only web journals anymore. Blogs are also used by corporations to keep in touch with their customers. Online marketers also use niche targeting blogs to review or sell products and services. I'm going to show you 5 easy but effective methods to advertise your business blog and reach new visitors

1 - Join related forums

Forum traffic is very efective advertising way. So do a simple search on google and find forums related to your niche (business). Sign up, add your blog in signature and start posting on suitable subjects. Also every forum have an advertising category. Place your link there. also you can ask other to review it. Do not SPAM or you will get banned.


2 - Comment on blogs

Find bloggers that write on the same or related subjects as you do and comment on their articles with your link. WordPRess and Blogger , along as other blogging platforms allow placing links inside the comment box or have a special input field for the link.

3 - Enlist your site in blogs directory


Blogs are becoming more and more popular each day. There are many blog directories and you should add your site on at least 5 of these directories.




Here is a list of 20 blogging directories http://topgoldforum.com/20-blog-directories-t295.html

4 - Submit articles related to your content

Article marketing is still a powerful way to get targeted visitors to your blog. Write articles related to your business and send them to article directories. Make sure you do not send same article to more than 10 articles as will be rated as duplicate content and will not be accepted or if it will pass the admin's verification will not drive too much traffic.

5 - Submit your posts to social websites

Social Web 2.0 sites are a very good way to get visitors on your blog. And most important is a very easy and effective advertising method. All you have to do is to submit your written post and watch visitors coming to your blog. What makes the difference from 10.000 visitors coming and only few hundreds is the quality of the post. If you have good, viral content then the success is guaranteed.









Good write up. 

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