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I am not Admin,

Welcome To AdsRealm


Here is How it Works:

You purchase one or more ADVERTISING units. Each unit gives you one position in our PROFIT SHARING POOL. The pool will pay you 2% daily (or 60% monthly) in passive income, so the more units you purchase, the more you will earn in both income and advertising

The Product:

You will receive AMAZING advertising value for money spent ! For Each Ad Unit purchased, you will get::

- 5000 468 x 60 Banner Ad Credits

- 5000 125 x 125 Side Banner Credits

- 7500 Text Ad Credits

- 200 solo email Credits

[These ads alone are worth more that $30.00 if purchased separately !!] Can you imagine the BOOST this will give your other programs ?Advertising is GOLD !!!

Rewarding Referral System!

You will never be required to promote our programs in order to earn a significant and growing income. However, those who do choose to help us to expand our membership, will be generously rewarded. Every time your recruits purchase Ad Units, YOU WILL EARN 10% commission.

But it gets even better... Each time your recruit RE-INVESTS their profits back into more Ad Units, you will be paid 10% commissions all over again - every single time! Just one recruit could make you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars!

When those your direct referrals make purchases you will make an extra 5% bonus commission on your 2nd level referrals.

You Earn 2% per Day or 60% per Month! No sponsoring Requirements.


*Unlike similar programs we have a compulsory 40% reinvestment policy to ensure AdsRealm runs indefinitely - making sure you get paid over and over again.

*2 Levels Referral Commissions (10% on Level 1, 5% on Level 2).!

*You Can Start with Just $20 per unit and Multiply it Exponentially!

Join here:


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Greetings to all Members !

WELCOME, welcome to AdsRealm !!! We are super excited to have YOU with us, John James !

It's Day #2, and we feel it\'s important to briefly touch base with you. Adsrealm is beginning to Rock 'n Roll, and we are confident that this will develop into a very successful and remunerative venture for all of us , so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a thrilling ride!

My name is Rachel Goldberg from Vancouver, BC , Canada, and as admin of this program I am here to support you. We also have a great (and friendly) support and tech team to make sure that all will run smoothly in our day to day operations.

Within a day or two , we will add an exciting referral contest, so be sure to watch out for it !

Folks, we offer the very BEST in advertising , and the opportunity to earn 2% daily as a bonus. You may withdraw daily if you so wish, with only a minimum requirement of $2. So please do buy with confidence !

We appreciate your support in the forums, and your willingness to help make this an awesome launch !

Happy weekend , everyone!

Rachel and Team




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Hello to all our much appreciated members !

A warm welcome to all new members. Thank you for choosing Adsrealm !


As some of you are aware, we were experiencing hosting issues, and therefore we have moved AdsRealm to a new and better server. The move was completed earlier today with minimal downtime, and we are once more ready to Rock 'n Roll !!


EXCITING 1-DAY ONLY OFFER BEGINS SEPT. 21st at 1am Server Time !!

We will be offering a BUY 2, GET 1 FREE Launch Special for 24 hours only, beginning Sept. 21st, at 1am server time.

>buy 4, get 2 free

>buy 6, get 3 free....and so on, up to a maximum of 10.

This is an AMAZING opportunity, and our way of saying thank you to our first customers.


This could take up to 24 hours, so your patience will be appreciated. ***************

All withdrawal requests to date have been fulfilled.


Hope you are enjoying a happy and profitable week,




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Paid when I was asleep...True Story...! :biggrin:

Date: September 26, 2011 2:39:32 PM

Amount Sent: $12.00 USD

Sender Name: Fshares

Sender Email: [email protected]

Reference Number: 4D82A-98522-7856F

Message: Cashout I.D # 43



Date: September 26, 2011 2:39:32 PM

Amount Sent: $2.00 USD

Sender Name: Fshares

Sender Email: [email protected]

Reference Number: 92BB7-32C34-2DA57

Message: Cashout I.D # 44

Thanks Admin :smile:


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Hello AdsRealm Family,

Again, a warm welcome to our newest members. We are so glad you decided to join us !

AdsRealm continues to steadily grow. We now have 282 members, who have purchased $3,300 worth of advertising units, and we have paid out well over $400 in referral commissions, so we are well pleased with the start we have made.

Many thanks go to members who have chosen to support us on the forums, both by reporting when you have been paid, and encouraging others to join us. (Be sure to leave a Testimonial on site if you are happy with our service. Every little helps to grow and strengthen AdsRealm !!)

Have a great evening everyone, and remember, "Life is like a disco...no matter how many times the music changes, just keep on dancing !" :)

Rachel and Team


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