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Welcome to Prodexinvest.com, the most stable and reliable capital manager that has earned the respect of thousands of investors worldwide.

For almost 5 years, prodexinvest.com has been a leading innovator in the investment management industry. prodexinvest.com has long established itself as the premier provider of investing services in the international market, serving clients and building trust, since 2004.

We are strongly sure that we offer our clients flexible levels of support and investment solutions to help you find a plan that's tailored to your goal and can keep you headed in the right direction. All you need to do is monitor your investment, track progress and earn profit. Prodexinvest.com makes it easy to manage your investments.

Our objective is to exceed your expectations by offering a full range of effective and profitable services with a professional capital management.

Prodexinvest.com also has a dedicated and highly skilled customer support personnel to assist you solve any problem at breakneck speed with the maximum of efficiency.



Advance Plan: 120% After 7 days

Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)

Advance Plan $100 - $15,000 120.00

Classic Plan: 6.5% daily for 21days

Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)

Classic Plan $50 - $15,000 6.50

Premium Plan: 3.2% Daily for 45 Days

Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)

Premium Plan $20 - $15,000 3.20

Accepts: LR, PM, AP

5% ref. bonus

DDoS Protected

Link: ProdexInvest

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