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Are you READY for a Revolution:

ProsperityPAY is the REVOLUTION!

> 1) ProsperityPAY will cost you 1.5 USD, which will return to you after the first active participant who signs up under you! FREE (non-upgraded) MEMBERS ARE DELETED AFTER 24HOURS.

2) The system could find you referrals - However, you have to ensure that you strive to personally bring in 2 referrals! In the system there is an even distribution of signups. New members that join without a ref. link are randomly placed under members with the least number of referrals.

3) Instant registration! Registration takes a couple minutes and immediately after you register, you can start earning by simply referring people to your replicated site - Referral link released after successfully upgrading to Level 1.

4) Full statistics of your referral levels and referral sales. Each participant will be given the statistics of their curators/sponspor, referrals, and their E-mail in your back-office.

5) Instant notification by E-mail, the new referrals, ordering and order confirmation level. Please use GMAIL.

6) All payments are made directly between the members, being it fees or commissions! Do not risk being eliminated by cheating the other members by sending "Please confirm letters" before actually making a payment. STEPS: MAKE A PAYMENT then send a "PLEASE CONFIRM letter" to curator/sponsor. Not the other way around.

7) Complete freedom of action / participation! Once you have purchased one of the levels and your supervisor has confirmed it, you can immediately make an order to the next level, without waiting for an admissible set of referrals at this level.

8) It is allowed to re-register once deleted - contact Admin! NO Duplicate Accounts - Such accounts are deleted!

9) The only current restriction is you have to personally recruit 2 referrals on your first level - YOU will not have more than 2 on Level 1, therefore your third personal referral is placed in lower levels under your referrals. That ensures a uniform filling of all levels of your 2X8 matrix business.

10) Easy to RUN: Simply bring in 2 Referrals and help them bring 2 each. This is then duplicated by your referrals. Imagine if you could bring in 2 in 1 day and your 2 bring in their 2 the next day...

Payment Processors Are AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney

Breakdown of Potential Earnings!

Level Price Referrals Earnings

1. 1.5 USD 2 - User. 3 USD

2. 2.5 USD 4 - User. 10 USD

3. 5 USD 8 - User. 40 USD

4. 10 USD 16 - User. 160 USD

5. 50 USD 32 - User. 1600 USD

6. 100 USD 64 - User. 6400 USD

7. 250 USD 128 - User. 32000 USD

8. 500 USD 256 - User. 128000 USD

Total your Earnings: 168213 USD

More Details

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