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I am not admin

Investing is a balanced combine of risk and return. Investments should fetch the maximum return with a minimal risk. Investment is also a tool to lock your spare money flexibly and protecting it from the risk of being spent on whims and fancies that all of us humans are prone to, now and then. Can you cross a street at peak hours without a risk? No risk means, you do not get to office on time isn't it. Well, the same applies to money too. Risk has to be taken to get a fair return, only the risk needs to be timed and calculated as you so aptly did while crossing the street. This is where we come in.



Here are the plans:

I) Emerging Markets Bond Fund(EMBF):Daily Plan

1.4% daily 150 trading days 10USD-499 USD

1.7% daily 150 trading days 500USD-4,999 USD

2.0% daily 150 trading days 5,000USD- unlimited

II) HighYield Bond Fund(HYBF):Weekly Plan

7.5% weekly 180trading days 10usd-499usd

9.0% weekly 180trading days 500usd-4999usd

10.5% weekly 180 trading days 5000USD-unlimited

III) MonthlyIncome Fund(MIF)

30% monthly forever

They have both Personal and Business account

Accepts: LR, PM,AP, PP

Referral Commission: 4%

Join Here:


Please put your spaces in the Title & Description, corrected...

Thank you,


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Admin Update

This is to inform you that we have successfully neutralized and eliminated the DDoS Attack targeted at Divatri at around 11:00 AM ET. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. To ensure better stability and avoid this type of attack from happening again in the future, we have installed a DDoS Protection from BlockDoS.net.


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