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james carnor

Myfx Software

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Trading Platform

The MYFX Console is a powerful trading platform available for all Foreign Exchange traders using Metatrader 4.


A feature that has been available in MYFX for a while is the “Trade Manager”. This helps a lot of traders who wish to set complex Take Profit and Stop Loss positions. The MYFX Trade Manager allows you, in particular, to set up to 4 different Take Profit levels with a different percentage of trade being taken out on each level.


Trade Execution Features

=> 1 Click Trade Execution

=> Default Trade TP / SL

=> 1 Click Break Even

=> 1 Click Close Trade

=> Close All Trades Button

=> See your risk per trade

=> Time Trade Opened

Platform Features

=>MYFX Trade Manager

=>Customisable Websites

=>Peer to Peer Trading

=>OCO Functions

=>Account Floating P/L as %

=>Account Summary View

=>Account Mandate


"MYFX is a long awaited interface and a fantastic product" - Bradley, Australia.

"MYFX is a great piece of software that will get better and I would not hesitate to recommend it to fellow traders." - Genevieve, Singapore

"Used the product this morning when trading non-farm payroll and it worked like a champion." - Michael, USA

Free trial http://myfx.com/

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