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MillionaireX1 gives you life revolutionizing, personal empowerment and success mastery resources coupled with an easy-to-do home based business opportunity.

James Lee Valentine, the founder of MillionaireX1, is an internationally published author of personal empowerment books and has devoted the past 13 years, since 1996, to help empower people to live more extrodinary lives and reach their fullest potential. Now, for the first time, he has created a program specifically to empower people FINANCIALLY... to help them create large residual incomes... and that's where MillionaireX1 comes in.

The major product of MX1 is the daily 'Millionizer' videos. Every day, your subscription will give you access to the most inspiring, the most dynamic, the most empowering videos. You will receive one new 'Millionizer' video EVERY DAY! As well as each day's unique 'Millionizer' video, included within every webpage is an interesting 'Word of the Day' plus an intellectual thought provoking 'Quotation of the Day' and a 'Passage of Text' that relates to that day's video with further success strategies and achievement principles.

There will be a resource center for subscribers to access with an archive of all previous 'Millionizers' and a valuable assortment of programs and materials all designed to build personal empowerment and success mastery. You'll also get access to the 'Power Library' of books, videos and audios all written and created exclusively by James Lee Valentine. Also, there will be a 'MX1 Marketing' section with a multitude of easy-to-understand business-building tools for you to more effectively market your MX1 business to others. Plus there will be a comprehensive 'Members Back Office' for subscribers to easily trace their personal members, view genealogy reports and track commissions earned.

MillionaireX1 is NOT a regular 2x2 recycling matrix... it is a revolutionary HYBRID business model that can keep on generating RESIDUAL income. MX1 is revolutionary because upon payment of monthly subscriptions, members receive a new matrix with 7 positions. But the existing matrices from previous months NEVER CLOSE.

This means that upon selling a monthly subscription to a new member, the new member goes into the "MONTH 1" matrix of the sponsor. Therefore the sponsor can earn from all of the matrices that he or she has accumulated EVERY MONTH since joining MX1. Plus the member ALWAYS follows into his or her sponsor's "MONTH 2" and "MONTH 3" and "MONTH 4" and so on. Meaning the sponsor can earn from the monthly

subscriptions month after month after month!

MX1 gives you UNLIMITED earnings potential every month. With $100 per month payout on each completed cycle... on a $30 per month subscription... you earn every month over TRIPLE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION on just one 2x2 cycle. This is a monthly 300% ROI on just one cycle.

The secret to long-term success of the MX1 business is in having a RESIDUAL PRODUCT that creates RESIDUAL INCOME for the members year after year after year.

launched on August 1st 2009.

For additional information on MX1, visit the site HERE

In order for all of us to benefit I would like to do a TEAMBUILD :

Since this is 2X2, here everyone joins will get 2 personal referrals via first in first out.

Next in Line teambuild.

Just $30 per month, and with just 6 downlines cycles $100, it is very easy with this teambuild. And you can also make residual income month after month.

First person, please join through this link and after joining please post your userid here so that we can add it to our Next In Line teambuild.


After joining please post your username below. The next person sub the username listed in place of mine.

Please join with the link that shows up last. I will monitor the list to clarify who is next.

And we can just keep going.

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Hey Will, sure glad to see you have a program to share with us :thumbup:

Thanks and will see ya soon...

skylady ;)

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Just a reminder you cannot post a link in here but please post your username and whether you are using the

premium or basic url.


Here is an update.

My team is sitting at 38 right now but what is great for you is that 2/3 of that is one leg.

I want to build your team. So ensure you are joining under the next persons link not mine.

I.E. substitute my username with the next person.

Right now I need you to put whizkerbiz in place of willbucks when you join.

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Alright! I got my first deposit today in my Alertpay account for $100. I would say that is a pretty good payout considering.

If you would like to join our team build then the next two need to join under kvng81.

just substitute my username willbucks in the affiliate link with Kevin's above.

If you just want the next affiliate link, PM me and I will send you the full link.

Next payday is August 20th. If you want to get your $100 join me now.

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