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I'm not admin:

** ALERT ** Launching in Days ** PASSIVE Daily Cash...Just Join Free

and Promote For Now

This is from a very trusted admin. Once this launches, you can grab a share (or however many you choose) and earn passively for life! Initially, everyone will be allowed only limited positions to give everyone a fair chance. You will be allowed to purchase as much positions as you want later on. Also each position will max out at 200% so that everyone will get a fair chance:

Welcome to AutoCashPayOut...

The NEWEST and FAIREST Cash Earning Opportunity on the Internet!

We've removed ALL the barriers to making money on the Internet with this opportunity and leveled the playing fields for EVERYONE involved. Unlike other "make money from home" opportunities, with ACPO, it doesn't matter if you're a seasoned Internet marketer, or a complete NEWBIE!

AutoCashPayout is about advertising any web site of your choosing, while also earning you cash back in profit sharing.

Right now, ACPO is in prelaunch and is accepting registrations only. You can join and begin referring other users. In addition to profit sharing you can earn, you're also guaranteed to earn a 15% commission on any purchase made by your referrals.

Click here to join...

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AutoCashPayOut is paying I requested a withdrawal of $49 yesterday and

got payment to my alertpay account after just 3 hours.

IMPORTANT: How NOT to lose money from these type of opportunities!

Now with these opportunities its very easy to think "i can't lose", but you can

because the way these sites make money is that everyone buys positions

at the start and typically when they launch you make your investment back

usually within 7 days or less, so then you think ok that was easy I put $49 and

made $100 so you starting getting excited and think right if I put in $300 i'm

going to make $300 for doing nothing! BUT that's where it goes wrong because

these opportunities slow down after just only 3-5 weeks, so you end up losing out.

Here's the plan I always use to guarantee I make some money:-

1. Start with the lowest investment the company allows.

(for example: 1 position = $49)

2. As soon as that position has reached $49 CASH OUT.

(you have now broken even - and if you do this as close as possible to

when the site launches, this normally only takes 7 days max.)

3. When that position has reached $49 buy another position from your

commission balance (do not use your credit card or alertpay) Now you

have 2 positions both earning daily, so when your commission balance

gets to $50 - CASH OUT. You have now guaranteed you'll at worst be

$50 in profit, not a fortune, but not bad for doing nothing, eh? And

that's just the start.

4. Leave your daily commission build up until it gets to $99 and every time

it does cash out $50 and buy another position for $49 from your balance.

5. Check your shares each day at roughly the same time and take a note of

how much it's grown in the last 24hrs, you'll then know quickly when it

starting to slow down. Once the program starts slowing down, DO NOT

invest anymore money, however tempting it is - don't - because they slow

down very quickly and thats when you lose out.

Take Care,

Scott Campbell

p.s. There's proof of payment on my blog

==> http://passiveincomeprogramsthatpay.blogspot.com/

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I wouldn't join here. This is just AutoCashPayDay's attempt to get a little more money out of their past members. Their last program came to a stall and instead of making adjustments to give ACPD a boost, they are just dumping their past program and making a new one to earn from their members

and if it is being promoted by Admediatraders, then we already know that this isn't good news.

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