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Paypal: Trusting Them With Affiliate Marketing?

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I swim around in skype and traffic exchanges. I have heard that paypal can all of a sudden declare the company you are working with as not legal to their terms of service. I hear the account becomes frozen. Obviously, if I can avoid this hassle by using alertpay I will. I was wondering if anyone has actually had their account frozen? They don't actually seize your funds do they? Have people been hearing the same thing around? Well, if you see the post let me know.

Marcus Wahl

Cash Surfing Network


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MC you are right sometimes paypal (as stated in their terms) may close accounts without notice and freeze the funds. Hoever after 180 days waiting period they will send a check or wire with the remaining balance so they basically do not steal your funds just do not allow you to use their system anymore.

IF you are in the mood to read horror paypal stories check this site: http://www.paypalsucks.com/

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