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I am not the admin....



Earn A Residual Income of Up to $242 Per Week

And Earn Up to 1.2% Daily For 200 Days Or 12%

Per Week For 15 Weeks In Our Forex Based

Private Investment Service!


Our system is based on low cost high gains. This means we reduce costs to a minimum while earnings are pushed to the maximum. Most programs solely depend on the money that’s coming in from other members to be able to pay members that have earned. That’s why in most programs people don’t earn if they can’t recruit because you need downline members or referrals to earn from (money has to come from somewhere).

With our system both members who can and can’t recruit will have a lot of control over their earnings because we combine the 4x4 residual income matrix that has proven to work very well with a private investment service that will generate income every week so at some point members are in for free as they will earn the weekly fee (and more) from the investment service.

To understand this system you need to look at the basics. Every member pays a weekly fee of $10. That $10 per week per member is what we have to work with. We take $5 of that $10 every week to add to your investment account after we have added a bonus of 50% so every week $7.50 goes into your investment account while it only cost you $5. Every investment will pay 10% per week for 15 weeks. If you take $7.50 (which is the amount that will be added to your investment account every week) x 150% it’s $11.25 you have received after 15 weeks. Calculated from $5 that it cost you the ROI (Return On Investment) is 225% ($5 x 225% = $11.25).

Since every week that $7.50 will be added you will be earning more and more every week. After 15 weeks your first $7.50 investment will mature because you have been paid 10% per week for 15 weeks on that investment but because every week a new investment of $7.50 will be added you’re earning $11.25 every week after 15 weeks (one investment matures and a new investment starts so weekly earnings stay the same after 15 weeks).

It’s important to understand the investment part because that’s how we can make it possible for you to earn in the 4x4 without it costing you anything since you will be earning $11.25 per week while your membership fee is $10 per week.


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I am still building my account here. Hopefully I can build it in due time by compounding my private investment on a weekly basis. I opted for the weekly investment setup as I wanted to make withdrawals and re-investments on a per week basis.

Got 1 direct referral so far and receiving commissions. I also have 4 downlines now (completing my level 1 in the HCS company 4x4 forced matrix structure) and has been receiving a weekly residual income for them automatically to my AP account.



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