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Be An Ebay Reseller

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our thread where you can find out about becoming our eBay partner and earn some great spare money online. First, take a look at requirements below.



Verified PayPalVerified eBay / Seller's AccountSkype IM



You do not need any money to start!

Here is the simple explanation of how our reselling system works:

You list our high quality products on eBay.

You wait until a consumer purchases the product.

We dispatch the item from our Warehouse.

You send us a percent of the payment (roughly 80%) before we send the item!

Buyer receives item in a maximum of 13 working days depending on his location in world.

How much money can be made?

If you resell cameras you will be making roughly 15% per sale, and usually you will be able to make one sale in day or two but of course this depends on your eBay feedback, our studies have proven that if you have over 50 of 100% positive feedbacks you will make up to 5 sales per day.

eBay Fees & Postage Costs:

You will be required to pay the eBay fees from your earnings.

All items are mailed at the cost of us, using Japanese Mail Postal Services.

Some of our top selling products with our resale prices:


Name | Price (USD)Canon EOS 7D | 949,99$Nikon D7000 | 799,99$Apple MacBook Pro (13" 4GB Ram) | 949,99$Apple iPhone 4G 32GB | 499,99$Akai MPC 5000 | 984,99$


This sounds great, what's the catch?

There is no "catch" we sell our items for a smaller profit so our only option is to sell as many as possible as fast as possible while we list items on our own eBay shop, so we recruit 10 times more sellers which means 10 time more sales because the chance is 10 times bigger that our products will get noticed by the potential buyers. Simple economic turnover fundamentals.

How can I trust you?

There is no risk for you, you do not lose any money if deal goes bad. You are protected by PayPal. You will be sending money as for Goods, not as a Gift, so you do not have to worry that this is scam. In short you are totally safe.

How can I sign up / contact you?

Please contact one of our chat support officers on an instant messenger of your preference:

SKYPE: Propadol


Guidelines & Tips:

1. When making a listing, always choose Advanced Form (Listing with more choices) so you can specify it easier.

2. Always put the price we recommend for items.

3. Always put the handling time on 3 days just for our safety as on weekend (Sunday) we are not able to ship.

4. Always select the generic, default, no name standard shipping (1 to 5 days).

5. Always require immediate payment from buyers over PayPal, for your safety.

6. Make listing look professional, with images and description, we will carefully review it before we approve you.

7. If the eBay has template for the item you are trying to sell, use their template instead of making your own!

8. Always use the Buy Out Now only type of price. Do not use Auction Price. This means you need to click on the Fixed Price tab in the form.

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