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MyLine is a powerful new Ad Revenue Share program from 'Just10Time'.

We have created an Ad package for marketers and business owners who need to advertise but don't have time to surf and earn credits.

To take part in our Ad Revenue Share program you can purchase one of 2 Myline ad Packages.

The first is the $55 Ad Pack that includes 10,000 ad credits and 4,000 surf credits. This is a one-time only payment.

This Ad Pack and the Ad Revenue Share program were created to entice marketers & website owners who do not have time to surf to try our amazing product & to provide a venue to automate the sales of excess traffic generated by our members.

When you purchase this Ad Pack you are in effect paying someone else to earn the credits for you. The company makes no money off the sales of these Ad Packs & all of the money is either paid to a surfer who earned the credits for it or the rest goes back into the Ad Revenue Share program. 65% of the price is paid back out through the Ad Revenue Share program and the other 35% is paid out to one members who earned the surf credits that the Ad Pack contains.

Ad Credits are delivered the minute payment has been made.

The second ad pack is a MyLine Feeder pack this is a one-time $19.99 and comes with 3,000 ad credits.

How It Works

Main Myline

By purchasing the $55 Ad Pack you receive 1 spot in the first MyLine for each Ad Pack that you purchase.

MyLine is a unique type of powerline that is created exclusively for Just10Time and is unlike a traditional powerline that gets longer and longer so that is takes longer and longer to be paid - MyLines have a limited size. Once the line reaches that limited size it will split in 2. If someone refers a person to the MyLine that person will go under them in their MyLine in the next available spot.

Also, unlike a traditional powerline you can jump over people in the line by either referring others or by getting spillover from your upline. However, once someone has 2 they can no longer be jumped.

Sponsoring is not required to earn in the Ad Revenue Share program because of spillover. Once a person has 2 qualifiers anyone they bring in will qualify a member of their downline who does not yet have 2. You can also get spillover from the Admin spot which does not have a sponsor so whenever it cycles it goes under a member who is not qualified in the order that they joined the program.

If you sponsor someone and that person purchases an Ad Pack before you that person will follow the Admin spot until you join and when it cycles then it will start following you.

There are 3 My Lines in the Main MYLine:

MyLine 1 has a max of 44 and a minimum of 20 people & every time it splits 4 people are paid $75 & then they are given a new MyLine 1 spot under their sponsor and a MyLine 2 spot under their sponsor.

MyLine 2 has a max of 23 and a minimum of 11 people & when it splits one person is paid $375 and then they are given a new MyLine 2 spot under their sponsor and a MyLine 3 spot under their sponsor. Since MyLine 1 cycles 4 people at a time it is possible to cycle MyLine 2 with only 3 cycles of MyLine 1.

MyLine 3 has a max of 15 and a minimum of 7 people & when it splits 1 person is paid $5,000 and then they are given a new MyLine 3 spot under their sponsor.

All spots given on cycling any MyLine have the same potential to earn the $5,000 over and over.

To purchase the Ad Pack simply sign up as a free member, sign in and click "Join Powerline."

MyLine Feeder

Is a low cost option for people to be able to get involved in MyLine. The cost is $19.99.

You will enter a personal powerline with at least 3 people on it. Every time 4 people enter the line one person is paid and re-entered into the powerline, the line splits in 2. The person is then paid into the Main MyLine. If they are already a member of Myline they will be paid $55 everytime they cycle. You can jump over other member by sponsoring other people.

To purchase the Ad Pack simply sign up as a free member, sign in and click "Join Powerline."

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