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Feed The Brain With Dark Foods

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***Foods for the body, sent to you from Mary***

Feed the Brain with Dark Foods

Want to keep your brain sharp and young? Eat more eggplant and blackberries. According to a UC-Berkeley study, people who regularly eat eggplant —with the skin on — are more likely to have a sharp memory and are able to think faster on their feet compared to those who don't eat it. The compound nasunin, found in eggplant skin, protects brain cell membranes. This type of support is critical since it's the membrane that is responsible for protecting cells from damaging free radicals.

Blackberries are another food that promotes brain health. Studies have found that the polyphenols in blackberries reduce age-related inflammation in brain cells, which improves communication between brain cells and allows you to learn new information faster.

Source: Women's World

Read past tips at Swanson Health Product's Daily Tips Blog.

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