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I´m new here and want to say hello!

I am an active HYIP investor with huge experience for almost 5 years now and a active member in HYIP forums for 3 years. I´ve got lots of experience when the so called HYIP Crisis began. I lost huge amounts of money, but with the experience I´ve got from this crisis I´ve managed to compensate my losses.

Now I am the admin of the HYIP monitor "hyip-pulse.com". I decided to launch this site because I want to do some things better than the competitors. Most monitors just want to make money. They just don´t care about investors. They get paid for showing "paying" status on programs which are already scam or they are not up to date. Also they put too much ads in their sites and charge high fees for them. So I decided to open my own monitor with top service, no fake statuses and, of course, affordable ad prices. We also don´t overload our sites with ads as many others.

For members we provide a special benefit: A profit sharing program. We share all our profits with our customers. This is something no other HYIP monitor provides.

Well, and now I am here to get more up to date information right from the investors. I hope we have fun together.

Kind Regards,


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Sounds interesting, will check it out hyip-pulse.com :cool:

We WELCOME you to our Forum !!!

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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