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Today (August 13th 2011) Clixzers Advertising is now in Pre-Launch stage.

Clixzers is a combination of Bux and Aurora site,

as you can see we also have a fix ads to all members

and also all members to refer as many as you can with any limitations.

To all Advertisers you can use our advertising services like Paid to click,

Sign up, Banner ads, and feature text ads to get real human visitors to your site.

What are you waiting for?

Start inviting your friend to gain more referrals and to boost your income.

Here's some Clixzers New features:

Special FixAds Package

Clixzers offer unlimited PTC ads and free Banner ads

for different days duration from here you will receive huge

visitor to your site to increase your sales /traffic.

Note: You need to contact us after you purchase the package.

See the FixAds Guide here.

Quick Guide Tutorial Page

To all new in PTC world,

Clixzers Quick Guide Tutorial will help you

to learn and understand how the system works.

Learn Now click here

FREE Mini Site to all members

Another bonus to all members,

soon we will add the download page for Free Mini site that will help you

to generate more direct referrals and income.

• Easy to add your referral link

• Ready template and customizable design

• FREE to all Standard and Upgraded members.

Current Payrate

Standard members

Earn 75%Per Click

Earn 20%Per Referral Click

Maximum Direct Ref Limit : 35

Minimum Ads to Click daily : 3+

Golden members

Earn 100%Per Click

Earn 50%Per Referral Click

Maximum Direct Ref Limit : 150

Minimum Ads to Click daily : 6+

Diamond members

Earn 120%Per Click

Earn 75%Per Referral Click

Maximum Direct Ref Limit : 300

Minimum Ads to Click daily : 6+

Platinum members

Earn 200%Per Click

Earn 100%Per Referral Click

Maximum Direct Ref Limit : UNLIMITED

Minimum Ads to Click daily : 9+

Minimum Payout : $4.00 - For Standard Members

Minimum Payout : $3.00 - For Golden Members

Minimum Payout : $2.00 - For Diamond Members

Minimum Payout : $1.00 - For Platinum Members

Payout via : AlertPay | LibertyReserve | Perfect Money

Payment will be process within 7 - 15 Days for Free/ Standard Members

Instant Receiving Payment System for Upgraded members



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