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Prizeforest.com - Win Prizes And Gift Card By Completing Survey/offers

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I)Screen of the website






II)What's this website ?

Hello !

I'm here to show my website, it's a raffle site!

it means that everyday, we offer gifts cards or prices to our visitors.

The website is young so Gifts cards will begin at 5$ for the three first week, after that i would suggest you 100$ gift cards/prizes

More people we are, more high gifts you will win.

To be able to win the prize, you have to complete an offer from our advertisers ( offers are free and it's easy to do one offers )

Since you completed one offer , you are able to claim an entry and maybe win the prize

Actually we make 5$ amazon gift cards for 12 entries.

It means that if you complete one offer you have 1 chance on 12 to win.

if you complete 12 offers , you are sure to win =).

If you have any questions , shoot me a PM.

All others instructions in details are on the website.

see you soon !

Here is the link : http://prizeforest.com


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