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Hey everyone, I just came across this site, and today I've earned $6.88. This site's offer

pays are definitely a good rate.




PTS Offers

PTC Offers

Most offers come in points, but 1 point = $0.01. And there is a converter to get from

points to cash.

Email submits are usually 112.5 points ($1.125)

Each offer has how many times its been approved

Each offer has average time it takes to be approved and when it was last approved

$1.00 minimum payout for paypal

$5.00 minimum payout for Money Order

:wowow: Ref: http://www.gptink.co...php?ref=lsy1010

Incorrectly posted Title & Description, corrected...

{Insert from post (auto) ... Tags are put in}

PM me the Payment Processors for this program with the Topic url included...

Please read the instructions for posting a Topic...

Thank you, skylady

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