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Welcome to MyBucksBoard,

We've switched to New script for better experience & so we've changed the Earning aspects too.

Now your Earning/Post depends on the post quality & you'll be paid as per that.

Earning/Posts varies from 1-10cent depending on how good your post quality is.

Since we are looking for good Quality we've decided to keep Minimum 15 words/Post.

With 15 words/post you'll be able to stay at your point in short.

Every Payment Proof will be paid 0.002cent/Post.

General Discussion Board in MyBucksBoard Talks is Paying with rates 0.002cent.

All Sections are Paying Except MyBB Market-Palace & MyBucksBoard Talks.

Daily you'll earn only for your 1st 15 Posts.

Once you reach 50 Posts you can request via Liberty Reserve & 150 Posts via Alertpay. You'll have Fees of 2% on LR & 4% on AP.

Visit the forum for Rules & more.


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I am member here and the forum is pretty cool but the only thing is that the rate per post is too low. The good thing is that they are saying and that is a good things. I will be more active here if only they can improve the amount per post.

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I've Switched the Forum from PTP to Non-PTP however I'll be running the contest in the forum every week from now on.

Currently i've added one Contest which is - Be A Dreamer,

In this contest you just need to post the dream which is dearest to you.

To check this Contest visit here - http://www.mybucksboard.com/threads/be-the-dreamer-contest.752/

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