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By ordering our advertisement product, you don't simply purchase a product; you become part of a long-term potential income generator.




You will be amazed by the benefits Bi-24 holds for you.




In essence

Bi-24 is a place where it pays to advertise. Bi-24 provides a high quality link exchange service and banner advertisement where advertisers have the opportunity to increase their sales and traffic. The Link Exchange (LinkEx) is the place where one is able to advertise their products and services to the other members.

By purchasing the Bi-24 Advertisement Product - called the "AdUnit", one automatically becomes a participant in the income distribution program - the "Bi-24 Benefit Program". The Benefit Program distributes all revenues generated to all members equally.

By registering an account with Bi-24 you also become eligible for the "Bi-24 Referral Plan". The Referral Plan gives a generous commission bonus to those who are promoting our products and services.

Bi-24 is a platform for advertisers to advertise and at the same time earn a considerable income for doing that!




The AdUnit

The "AdUnit" is the advertisement product sold on Bi-24. For purchasing this product you automatically receive 100 "AdCredits". Those credits can be used for advertising one's services on our link exchange (LinkEx). One can also use those credits for banner advertisement services (still in development). Each "AdUnit" costs $10.

The Benefit Program

"AdUnits" earn a daily income of 2% or $0.20 per unit. Earnings stop once they reach 150% or $15 of the value of each AdUnit. One can use those earnings either to purchase more "AdUnits" or to withdraw the equivalent amount to the payment processor of choice.

The Referral Plan

Bi-24 provides referral compensation for each new recruited member who has made a purchase within the program. Promoters and recruiters receive a 7% or $0.70 commission on each new "AdUnit" purchased by their referrals. Referral commissions are given only for purchases made from payment processors and not on purchases from "Account Balance". Free members are qualified for referral commission as well.

This is a nice attribute for those who can't afford our products but enjoy promoting.




Payment Processors: AlertPay and SolidTrustPay




Join Bi-24 and experience the True Power of 2%. The only place built on solid Administration.



Bi-24 Welcomes YOU !!!

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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How 'bout that folks, this program is still running strong !!!

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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