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The extra cash you have been looking for is here!!! Maxclixs is the happening place for those people looking for some additional income online. Here you get paid for visiting advertiser’s website.

Signing up and getting started is completely free.

Easy residual income professionally blended.

Earn more with Premium Upgrade Package.

Attractive referral programs for additional income.

At Maxclixs there are three different ad types with 15, 30 and 60 seconds timers. The amount you earn increases based on the seconds you stay in advertiser�s website.

Per Click: $0.015 (Extended Exposure)

Per Click: $0.010 (Extended Exposure)

Per Click: $0.010 (Standard Exposure)

Per Referral Click:$0.005 (Standard Exposure)

Per Click: $0.003 (Mini Exposure)

Per Referral Click:$0.001 (Mini Exposure)

Maximum Ads/Day 25

Maximum Direct Referrals Allowed 2000

Maximum Rented Referrals Allowed 1000

Direct Referral Purchase Incentive 2%

Your cashout limit is $2.00, $4.00, $8.00 for first 3 withdrawal requests and $10.00 thereafter. Your withdrawal request will be completed within 24 Hrs to your Paypal or Alertpay account directly.

Free registration, thank you:

MAXCLIXS - Best PTC website online


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New features:

Maxclixs Toolbar

Maxclixs have launched its own personalized community toolbar. Now you will be notified instantly whenever a new advertisement is available and to download hot selling digital products for free.

More features will be added to our toolbar soon.

MaxGrid Game

Apart from two standard ways to earn money (Clicking and Rating), today Admin added MaxGrid Game where you get a chance to win up to $5 instantly into your main balance.

MaxGrid game is easy to play. Just click anywhere on the grid area below to take your chance of winning up to $5 immediately into your main balance. You have 25 attempts per day.

The first payment is on the forum

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Added Max Chat

Max Chat is now available at the toolbar for you to chat instantly with other maxclixs members. This new tool will make you new friends and hopefully help you to gain more ideas on increasing your online revenues.

Payment within few minuts


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Admin makes some major changes in the layouts and basic scripts within Maxclixs to make your maxclixs presence more easier and secure than before.

If you receive error message or website not found page wait for a few minutes and refresh the page to reload.


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