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I'm not the Admin

Golden Cash Traffic - "Golden cash is a way to YOUR success"


A new ' REVOLUTIONARY ' revenue sharing has launch and ready to pour your cash box with massive amount of money. Each Position purchase will have equivalent of banner impressions and this will help to make massive traffic to your site.

Revenues will multiple by purchasing more positions , you earn by fast cycle of your position and advertisement of you site. The more you buy positions and more revenues you will get.

Position advertisement cost $15

Minimum cashout will be $5

10000 Banner impression equivalent to one advertising position.

By earning 250% of your total purchases after your withdrawal , it is mandatory to purchase position before proceeding to your next withdrawal.

By this feature more amount of money will cycle and more members will get benefited. This profit sharing values members and implemented a referral contest in which good sponsors will have great rewards.

Here are the following Prizes to the Lucky Winners :

1st Winner : $150

2nd Winner : $100

3rd Winner : $50

If you have not won and got at least 5 upgraded sponsored member you will be qualified on the cash pool. Cash Pool value is $100 , it will be divided to non winners that has at least 5 upgraded members. Don't just stand there and wait to cycle , try to refer and earn more and possible you could when those prizes. Sponsoring Rewards will be 15% per downline purchases per position. Remember the more your sponsor the more your earnings will be. If you are not good in referring members , try to buy more positions for more revenues. Lock your Position and we will do the cycling.


Incorrectly posted Title & Description, corrected...

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Thank you, skylady

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