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How i make $450 every 2weeks to my Libertyreserve account with...

get ur pen ready to write some important info, bcos your time has come?

Follow my step by step guard as i leed you to ur finacial freedom.

First u must have a libertyreserve account to run this?

What is liberty reserve account?

Libertyreserve is a generious and reliable Online account that Base in U.S.A,

with dere account you can trassact business with thousand of Online Machant's

world wide, for ur Intrest.

How do i Open account with libertyreserve?

To open account with LR just logon on dere [email protected]

https://www.libertyreserve.com when it open you will see Create account @ de

top of the website, click create account and register with dem, after

registration they will now give you your Account no., Password, login pin, and

Master pin, PLs write all this info. Down, dat is the one you we be using to

access ur account.

How do i fund my libertyreserve account for Online Trassaction?

Funding of LR is easy, will have more dan 50 exchanger company's that can

fund libertyreserve account in nigeria, fastest one i recomended for is

http://www.goldnigeria.com they fund fastwithin 30 min.

Just register with them and verify ur self by clicking on verification that

they have sent to ur Email, after regisration, click BUY and fill the necessary

info. On amount you wnt to fund to your LR account, they we now give u depositor

code's that you we used to deposit to dere company account, they accept GTB

bank, so deposit the amount you order to dere Company account that we be given

to you dat is all about that, and ur LR account we be funded immidiately after

ur deposited as been comfirm, don't forget you can also sell ur LR too to

them,and they we send it direct to ur local bank account.



A site that can change your story within 2month if u realy mean business,

they paid there member's high intrest depend's on the deposit plans they choose,

they offer's 120

% after 7days and 150% after 15days,

as for me i normally used 150% bcos it more high than the one of one 120%, so i

invested $300 with DT. And get the return of $450 after 15days which is 2 weeks,

and there minimum to invest is $10.

To Register with them just click on sign up, and den fills the form, and choose

ur PLans den click invest via liberty, it will now direct to ur libertyreserve

account which you will be ask to login with ur security cod's such as password,

login pin, master pin, and then you now transfer the amount you want to invest


after that comfirm your transfer to DT.

and it we alert you that (Thanks you your trassaction as been successful) mean's

the amount you invest as been transfer to DT, Account.

After ur deposit plan as expire, your principle and intrest we be calculated,

and will be automaticaly transfered to your Libertyreserve account,

don't forget you can' REINVEST ' anytime.

You can withdraw your money from libertyreserve any time you like by selling it

back to exchanger companys in NIGERIA , such as : www.goldnigeria.com, they buy

@ the rate of #160 per $1, and sent it direct to your Local bank account without

any problem.

For further information you can contact me @: [email protected] OR

[email protected] OR mobile: 2348136963496, for more info.

Incorrectly posted Title & Description, corrected...

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Please read the instructions for posting a Topic...

Thank you, skylady

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