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Quest Price Alert - Cutesignal.com

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The Cutesignal, forex trade signals will be send to you by email and SMS , 1 signals are possible within a day. All our signals have two entrance levels, stop loss and take profit. The cost of monthly subscription is quite moderate compared to the profit, which you may make, it amount to only USD 199 per month.Test two weekly subscription is also possible at the rate of USD99.

If you are register user, we send theforex trade signals, you will get a sms or email like this:

BUY GBPUSD @1.4397 S1.4345 T1.4480

it means: You should buy gbpusd at price 14397, stoploss price is 1.4345, takeprofit price is 1.4480. Not need to move stoploss price while trading.

You can place an order like this, if you haven't get any message from us, please do NOT trade.



Signal kind list

There is 3 command inside forex trading signal:

[Place Order]

[Move Stoploss]

[Close Order]

Please read the instructions for posting a Topic...

Thank you, skylady

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Quest Price alert is a expert, alerts you by SMS when the price reaches certain levels or meet the trend line that are set by the trader.Easy to know having a price alert sent to you when a currency pair hits your price!

Quest Price Alert - help you forex trading

No time to watch the markets? The Quest Price Alert expert from Cute signal will give you a convenient way to automate their investing with real-time Forex price alerts for any currency pair.

Quest Price Alert is an excellent supplementary tool for today's highly mobile foreign exchange trader. This unique service will keep currency traders close to the rapidly changing forex market even when they are away from their screens by using the parameters of their trading strategy to set alerts on rates and technical indicators, No matter where you are around the globe, it allows you to utilize your mobile phone to receive your preset alerts in a manner that is convenient and functional.


When will Price alert SMS send to you?

The price almost meet the horizontal line or trend line;


Monitor the price meet to horizontal line or trend line;

No need to open other website, all setting be done in you local pc side;

Up to 100 text alerts each month;

Compatible with MT4 MT5 broker(4 digit, 5 digit);

View your all history message;

Easy Installation and Free Updates;

Change your cell phone number in anytime;

And much more!

What is new for v1.1 compare to v1.0

If you don't need SMS notify function, you still can get email or alert window while price meet the trend line even you don't register as our client.

How to use Quest Price Alert to help your trading?

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