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Wealth Share Club - Wealthshareclub.com

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Wealth Share Club - Join Now

Welcome To Wealth Share Club! The No.1 Place To Be.

* Today,Tomorrow And....For Years To Come.

* YOU Advertise With US, WE Share Our Income With YOU!

* Show your ads to like minded and new prospects.

* Credit Card accepted via AlertPay.

- 0.5% - 2% Daily ROI

- Protected Dedicated server.

- Free to join.

- Withdraw each Friday.

- 3 Levels: Free-Starter-VIP.

- Compound each Friday.

- Ad pack $6.00 value.

- Outside income streams to site.

- Text, banner and site advertising.

- Read FAQ for more details.

- 60/40 Cashout rule.

- Transparent Admin

- Built for longevity.

Join Wealth Share Club Now

Kind Regards

Dirson Jimenez Santana

skype : strosdegoz

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Just received my first payment from Wealth Share Club just after few hours of request.

You can see my payment proof below :




Kind Regards

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Congrats everyone!

We are now over 400 members in Wealth Share Club, steady growth!

Let's make it BIG!


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I made a 468x60 banner for WSC.

The banners we have now are getting low CTR% because they are only displaying the program name and people are still not familiar with it, as the program becomes bigger and more famous these banners will get more hits, for now if you are buying ads that are placed based on Time and / or Impressions I highly recommend using a descriptive banner this way you will get more for your money.

If you are using Pay per click banners, where you pay for each click then the ones in the backoffice are ok for now.

Also this can be use as an additional banner if you have several campaigns running.

Wealth Share Club - 468x60

Banner Source


Banner Image


Wealth Share Club - 300x200

Banner Source


Banner Image


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Steady daily 2% passive income for everyone.

Since day one, look at the image below




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Another payment received within hours of request, the best and most solid program on the internet so far.

Here is my payment proof :


Unofficial update from my blog :

Includes :

*Latest News *Payout & Proof

*Stable Daily ROI

*Membership BAse

*Friday's at WSC

*Marketing Tools & Pages

*Best Investment Strategy

Read More : http://blog.donothingmoney.com/wealth-share-club-update-paying-2-daily/

Kind Regards

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There was a server change for Wealth Share Club and as you noticed the backoffice wasn’t accessible.

You can now login if you are already a member. Buy Adpacks, Upgrade to VIP and refer others.

You can also Join Now if you want, it is paying a nice 2% daily everyday without fail so far and it has the best features on the internet.

No need to sponsor 1 single person to earn daily.

I already resumed all of my ads.

Join Here


Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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I received my payment, very nice!

Things can't be better with Wealth Share Club.

Here is my screen shot




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Daily ROI awarded.

Another 2% as everyday, stable and membership growing steadily.

Solid & Stable program.


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I received my payment last Friday in a matter of minutes but didn't have the time

to post, I received it and will post the one for the Friday above since I will do

100% Reinvest this one.

--- Wealth Share Club Official update ---

Hi all.

We need to give you some Important information.

Information's who is clearly stated in our faq,terms,site.

You Must log in one time a' day to receive the daily earnings.

When you login you will activate your daily ROI and this will be credited the day after.

**Today we got a button, who you must click on every day to get your earning.**

Log in and click on it regardless if you have been on the site today or not.!!!

If you don't login, you will lose those days, your ROI counter will still count, as its counts to 250% and stop there.

We have a LOT of members who haven't logged in since the day they signed up and upgraded.

All these accounts have lost much money in these days.

So Please log in one time each day to activate your account!!!!!

Another thing is the VIP membership.

Its only $5 a month to be able to upgrade above $60.

If you cancel and/or don't renew your VIP status on the renew date.

If you have above $60, you will drop down to free, and not earn until you upgrade your VIP again.

If you have under $60 and are a VIP, you will drop down to Starter, and still earn.

When you renew your VIP again your earnings will be as normal.

Please understand that we are trying to make a solid profitable program here.

We are all about Showing ads to others, and if you don't login each day, we cant give you your earnings.

(I doubt your boss on your regular job, will pay you is you don't go to work for a day).

If we continue to see that members Don't login each day to activate there daily earnings.

We will turn on another future, so you must surf 1 site to get it.

This is taking a lot of our recourse's right now, so we need to do something asap with this problem.

The time we waste on this, we could had used to earn money in to the program, but its only 24 hrs each day.

And we are limited to what we can do each day.

And a last Important reminder.

You Can Not Login to another members account, Or have several account from the same IP!

We have several accounts who we have monitored for some time now who are braking the rules.

What will be done with these is not yet decided.

So please follow the rules/advises and this will be just fine.

Thanks for your time.


Johnny & Kent

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Over 850 Members, next Goal 1,000


Fast Payment received, only hours after request


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