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Learn Amazing Money Earning Techniques From The Master!

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Would like to get emotional detachment from money just in a few days? Relief from painful money matters like short of cash, indebtness, unpaid bills. Make the money your servants.

You are being manipulated!

You are surrounded by manipulators, both inside and outside of you, demanding your attention so you have no chance to be yourself. You brain has been defiled for years by multi-million-dollar ad campaigns and PR managers. Most of them deliberately use images that evoke fear, envy, or pain. Your mind is always chasing false values that have been planted there by advertising professionals, experts, lobbyists, friends, parents, etc. Thus, following a dream is like following the horizon – it is always moving away from you. Occasionally you can reach some of the materialistic targets your mind has set for you –you can buy the car you have been forced to dream of or own some piece of property, but within a month or two you find that even that isn’t enough and then You’re “on the road again,” swirling in your endless sansara circle.

Can money buy happiness? Money gives you satisfaction, maybe accomplishment, but it is possible to have a lot of money without having a decent life. You might have a lot of money and live a meaningless life. Money does not exist in nature, though: can you pay a cow for its milk or its meat? Money has an energy nature, but it flows only in the mind. We can visualize money as a circular piece of metal, ridiculous pieces of printed paper, numbers in a bank account, or numbers of shares in a corporation. Money is a very loaded concept in your subconscious mind. Most people are manipulated by money. For myself, money is energy flowing in a pipeline inside the mind, on the conscious level. We transform the energy we receive from food, the sun, or breathing into this mental energy. We need either to increase the diameter of this pipeline or clean it. Detachment from money matters is the way to increase the volume of flow by the increasing the diameter and/or cleaning of the pipeline.

To be detached from money means to shift your focus to doing what you love and what makes you feel purposeful, and to let money arrive in your life without being consumed by it. Detachment means an awareness that YOU ARE NOT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. If you feel that you must have money in order to feel happy and successful, then you attached to it. Your need to have more means that you do not feel whole now, that something is missing. That something you are calling more money. That missing part will keep your mind focused on get what is missing, rather than being here now, doing wehat you love and enjoy your life. And, of course, what you think about will expand.

MASTER’s SOLUTION: MONEY was developed to clean up the waste dump (emotions, fears, convictions, judgements, grieves, malice etc) about money matters from the subconscious mind. This waste dump generates your thoughts. And, your subconscious mind is the real banker in your reality.

Please read MASTER SOLUTION: MONEY consciously and start it.


Please note that for the use of MASTER’s SOLUTION: MONEY you need to read and start the following processors: “Clap”, “Execute it”, “Merge”, “Hoppo” (http://www.mastersofuniverse.net/start.html)

I am former CEO of emerging markets investment company. I raised over US$ 3,5 bln in the development of oil and gas, renewables energy projects worldwide. I lived my life with cool cars, Swiss watches, tailored-made suits, business classes, sleekly yachts and pompousness hotels. Now I stop my participation in the rat race. Now, I am enjoying my life in the tropical island of Bali, playing with kids in the pool, biking, surfing and yoga at the sunset on the ocean beach. Wish you were here.

I am giving you the chance to become rich, powerful and free. Otherwise, you are welcome to return to the Universe of endless “bills to be paid”.

[email protected]

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