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- Earn up to 2 cents per click.

- Earn up to 2 cents per referral click.

- Earn from home.

- Effortless income.

...And a lot more!

All payments are made with AlertPay and PayPal. No other method of payment is available at this time. All payments will be made by the amount of time specified in your membership details.

The minimum amount to be paid is $2.00

Message from Admin:

A brand new innovative paid to click solution; the only one you'll ever need.

We have officially launched Earnerz in a pre-launch phase, this means that you will not yet be able to earn any money.

Although, you will still be able to refer referrals and upgrade your membership.

You can find all the limits, rates etc. at our upgrade page.

Since we just opened, we are having a little bonus for all of you: the first 10.000 members that register to Earnerz.com will receive a FREE Pioneer membership!

If you have discovered any bugs please be sure to report them in our bug report forum!

And if you are having any concerns or problems please, be sure to contact us! We will gladly assist you.

Free registration, thank you:

EARNERZ - The only PTC solution you'll ever need


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A new way to earn!

This is a brand new way to earn!

Each time another person, that is not registered with Earnerz.com, clicks on your referral link, you will get one impression.

Below you can see the payout rates:

Standard/Pioneer Members: $0.00006 per impression. (Can only get credited to their rental balance)

Upgraded Members: $0.00015 per impression. (Can get credited to both their rental and main balance)

How can I start earning then?

It's actually really simple. All you have to do is share your referral link! You can keep track of your impressions at your dashboard.

The official launch is 15th of August

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