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The Program Where You Are The Lender!!!! Become A Personal Loan Lender!

Are you currently earning the return you want on your investment dollars? If not, you should be, and you can with private lending in our ventures! Private money lending is a great alternative to the stock market, especially in these tough economical times. We can get you started in private money lending in real business ventures easily. You too can enjoy the benefits of great returns through private money lending in several areas of business.

Private money lending is a great source of start up capital for new businesses.Private lenders invest in all venture ideas- entertainment, contracting, construction, real estate, brokerage, catering, pet supplies, craft stores, appliance repair, retail, greeting cards, photography, consulting, beauty salon/products, interior design, online businesses the list goes on.

Interested to find out how you can earn the returns you want, secured and guaranteed ? Click the link below and find out more about becoming a private money lender, and find out how you can build toward a fantastic retirement through private lending.

Here's What We Offer...

* Guaranteed monthly payments - for the length of your lend

But you may request cash out daily after you have accumulated $1 in your account.

* Lend up to $25,000 - the minimum loan amount is $10.

* Choose your Term - you can spread your repayments over a fixed term from 3 months to 1 year.

How Does This Work You Ask...

Lets say you were to loan $100 In plan 2. You will have locked into a 6 month plan. With this plan you will receive $12(12%) per month times 6 months totaling $72, plus your initial loan of $100 coming up with $172 return. Then divide by the 6 months of the term and you get 6 equal payments of $28.67.

Plan 2 Formula Break Down

$100 Times 12% = $12

Times 6 Months = $72

Plus initial Loan $100 = $172

Divided By 6 Monthly Payments = $28.67

Becoming A Personal Loan Lender could be a good choice if you're looking for somewhere to invest your hard earned DOLLARS with fixed-rate repayments in small but profitable business Ventures. We are a small group of Entrepreneurs with many years of success.

Check us out ! U-Loan-Us.com

You did not put in the progams Link for members, corrected

Description was incorrectly posted, corrected

Please read the instructions for posting a Topic Thank you, skylady

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I just stopped by to list one of the company where we do our majority of the investment and my real world business http://cleancountryscrap.com/

I am offering a real idea with sustainable returns. You may choose to follow higher return sites but if you are looking for something real check it out


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U-Loan-Us latest member update Message....

Hello Everyone

Sorry its been so long since I have sent any updates. All is well there is no problems just been super busy with the repair of the site script and running my off line business Clean Country Scrap Removal. I don't know if any one has noticed the ongoing work to the site but there has been a message referrals section added to your back office. This will only message members who have opted to receive emails from there upline. You will also find any personal messages from me in there from time to time.

There will be some other work done in the near future as time becomes available to me. My main is the off line company which I might say is doing rather well. Since finalizing the company business license in April we have successfully returned over 135 000 in total revenue and paid over 10 000 in tax. Not bad for two men on the road daily making buys in the hopes of generating more profit.

We have grown to the point where we are ready to expand to the next level. Hire more drivers to keep up with the demand for our services. This is a good thing and I believe in the world or recycling the sky is the limit. So onward we will go.

With the help of the members we have been able to make some good buys and return some good profits. We thank you for trusting in what we do and hope to continue for many years to come. Please visit our company site and look around. I have been posting pictures in the gallery at http://www.cleancountryscrap.com/Album/main.php?cmd=album of the ongoing work we are performing. Also while you are there why not visit our facebook page and like us.

We have some good buys coming up in the near future, so if anyone has been on the fence about what to do with this site now is a good time to decide. Like I said visit our company site and have a look around, Google scrap metal recycling you will see for yourself we have a good plan.

Thanks Admin


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To whom it may concern,

I joined the "U-Loan-Us" program on Nov 8th of 2011 and made a test spend.

So far I've pulled two withdrawals out and visited with the admin several times via skype. He seems to be a down to earth sort of guy and is very open to discussing everything from how the program operates to where the profits are made.

There are no guarantee's in anything we do in this life but "U-Loan-Us" looks like it could be around for the long term and I like the idea of placing funds in a real business as opposed to just sending money to a guy hiding behind a screen name.

If anyone reading this post is thinking about giving the program a shot I recommend contacting the admin and doing a little DD of your own.

As with any online program don't bet the farm and only risk funds you can afford to lose.


The "MikeCO Kid" Insider Report!

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U-Loan-Us Message


Hello Everyone




Starting 10Am today the site may be in accessible as we will be moving to a more secure server. The recent DDos attacks on the server have made this a must do. Depending on the propagation we could be down up to 36 hours. I am hoping it is much fast than this.I hope you have had a super times over the holiday with family and many more to come. See you all soon.




U Loan Us

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