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Make money at home!

Genesixs has a 4x7 company forced matrix.

This means that each member's matrix is

made up of 4 positions wide by 7 levels down.

What things can you get with $25?

You will get 10,000 Banner Impressions

or 10,000 Text Ad Impressions.

If you join us which costs you $16,

you will get free 10,000 Banner Impressions

or 10,000 Text Ad Impressions.


You can easily get your downlines here

by putting free target advertisement

since Genesixs always allows sharing

opportunities among members!

AND $43688 a month!!

Sign up bonus $5 dollar will be given to

members for each direct referral.

If you have any question, you are welcomed

to live chat with our team



by Larry Huber


















Incorrectly posted Title & Description, corrected...

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Please read the instructions for posting a Topic...

Thank you, skylady






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