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Best Way To Clean A Laptop Screen

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Best way to clean a laptop screen

Q: When I got my laptop, it came with some dry cleaning cloths

and instructions to always use those special dry cleaning

cloths for the screen. I would never do that with my glasses

or camera lenses, so I hesitate to try that on a screen.

What do you sugest?

Gretta A: Dear Gretta

I would toss those dry cleaning sheets into the garbage.

They just dull and damage the screeen, and force you

to buy a new one sooner. Just use regular Windex or equivalent, and a rag from

a well washed, old t-shirt or recently washed microfiber

cloth. Mist the screen with the Windex, gently wipe it clean.

Mist it again, turn the rag and wipe it clean again.

That's all there is to it. Just like with your glasses or camera lenses, NEVER wipe

it when there is dry and gritty dust on it. Windex will get

between the grit and the screen and make it stick to the rag.

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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