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QUOTE GOLD MINE INTERNATIONAL started their Network Marketing operation from Norway under Registration Number 981 447 999 in year 2000. Before entering in e-commerce Network marketing GMI was involved in Custom Made Gold Jewellery. GMI helps you to build a profitable home based business.

More likely, one option people consider is a "Home based business" but there are many MLM home business ideas out there that promises more than they actually deliver. But not with GMI system! Our Gold Reward Program (GRP) gives you the flexibility to earn an income on your own time. It gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your family, and at the same time, gives you the increased financial security you deserve.

We believe we have discovered a solution that just makes sense! Not a

get-rich-quick but a get-rich-sure-opportunity that offers:

Residual income

Flexibility to fit your schedule

A complete easily duplicated system due to our unique Gold Motivation Step.(GMS)

Guidance and assistance from successful leaders of our team.

Work less make more opportunity.

A Tested Home Based Business Idea!




QUOTE If anyone wants to join pm me and i will setup their account after recieveing money.

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