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We Host FREE

Poker Tournaments

to Raise Money

For Charity

The Richest Online Poker Tournament In History !


Register Here: http://www.highpayou...iliate=MTAwNQ==

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Don't Miss Out on This World Record Payout

MILLION In Cash and Prizes - REGISTER NOW !

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Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Hello Sally,

Welcome to High Payout Poker!

Thank you for registering for the tournament. We are proud to bring you the world's highest paying online poker tournament in history, and it's all free!

We are currently in pre launch and accepting registrations for our tournament at this time. We have scheduled the start date for our global tournament to be the 1st of august.

You can earn money for referring others to our tournament by giving them your referral link shown below. You will be compensated for every player you refer that completes at least one qualification option to get the chips they will use to play with in the tournament. We will notify you by email and on the website when qualification options to get your chips become available in your country very soon.

By golly I'm registered, not going to miss this one !!!

skylady :wink:

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Latest Update for all you POKER PLAYERS !!!

Hello to all in HPP land!

There is a lot of great stuff going on here and this email will bring you all up to speed.

Status of the tournament

We are waiting on word from our techs to have completed security tests and our “Chips for Charity” page to pass all tests and security settings as well. We will be changing our status from soft launch to pre launch once both of these departments pass all tests. We feel we are only going to get one shot at this so we are going to make sure everything is right. Once that is completed we will be opening up the game for practice and over the next coming weeks we will be having a test run tournament with 1,000 players.

While we are still not quite there yet and have a ways to go before we can launch the actual tournament, we have been developing some very exciting plans to take our affiliate program to a whole new level.

Up coming enhancements to the affiliate program.

1 - All affiliates will become qualified to receive compensation by completing only one of the qualification op tons on our \"Chips for Charity\" page. The amount of chips awarded with each option varies from offer to offer with a range of 1000+ chips.

What this does is ensures that everyone becomes qualified, and ensures that sponsors will be paid for their efforts of acquiring referrals.

For those of you who are wondering what the qualification options are, the answer is there is a wide variety of different options. In a nutshell, they are simple things to do such as downloading some free trial software, signing up for a newsletter, completing a short survey etc.

All of the qualifications are easy to do, do not cost any money and do not require a credit card.

2. Affiliate program income potential and commission dramatic increase number 1.

We have been working on ways to increase the income potential of the affiliate program, and were excited to bring you this news.

When we open up the \"Chips for Charity\" page there is going to be the potential to multiply your commission for all qualified direct and indirect referrals. These upgrades will be free, easy to achieve, and allow your income potential to higher than any program we have ever seen. The exact requirements for these upgrades is still being tested decided upon and we will have an update coming soon with all the details.

Here is an example - Reach the first check point, and you will now have x2 commission on direct and indirect referrals. ($1.00 direct, $.10 indirect). The next check point will give you x3. (1.50 direct, $.15 indirect). Next checkpoint x4 ($2.00 direct, $.15 indirect), and so etc. This is one of the most exciting affiliate programs to come around so dust your network off and put it to good use. This could change your life!

Affiliate program income potential and dramatic increase number 2.

Coming down the pipe line we are going to implement some things that are available for purchase with real money. The first one is a VIP membership option which will have all kinds of benefits to those who wish to purchase the membership. The second is HPP fan club type merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, sweaters, gifts, souvenirs etc. The third will be offline marketing tools such as posters, business cards, brochures etc. All affiliates will receive compensation if anyone of their direct referrals, or indirect referrals choose to purchase any of these items in all three categories. This is in development stages and will take some time before we have the details for you on prices and commissions.

Did you know that value of the referral bonus is well over $600?

$5 cash

Gram of gold - $52 at today\'s prices

Vegas voucher - $500-$600

Spin on the wheel - Depends what you win

1000 bonus chips - Depends what you win. Could be as much as a set for life ticket!

There are a lot more exciting updates in the works as well and we will continue to keep you posted with progress. Please be patient and allow us some time to integrate these enhancements while we continue to get the qualification options ready, and the security tests. We will keep you posted every step of the way.

Thank you all for your efforts in helping to refer. We’re excited to be able to bring to you now a much more enhanced compensation for your efforts, and still and always will be $0 cost.

Phil and Shane

Jump in folks, chips you work for or you can buy... Your Choice !!!

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Hey all..

have you ever got money from playing poker or any games??

Which is good for making money online, poker or forex trading??

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