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Make $500-$1000+ A Month With My Free Guide (No Surveys)

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My tutorial will explain you how to make money with Cashle, Triond and Youtube.

What is Cashle?

It's a GPT site that pays the most for referrals 50 cent for a referral who confirm their email and another 50 cents when they do an offer

How much do you make?

Depends if the referrals are from the UK or US, if they confirm their email, do an offer, stay with the site, do more offers and if they get into referring making you 15%

I’ve made this in a month and a week.


The first step to follow, is to register on Cashle, Triond, Youtube, Viewet and Enhanceviews. Click on the Hyperlink below to get redirected to the registration page.






Choose anything that people want for free try and target 12-18 market


latest crazes i.e. pokemon cards



OK firstly you need to write a simple article on Triond make it simple.

3 step guide of number 1 “sign up” 2 do offers and refer people number 3 redeem your prize.

Make 1 great article then just adjust it to the other game/niche you are writing about.

Do some SEO, but most of the traffic is from Youtube.

The reason I use Triond is because you earn money for each click so if they don't sign up you still make money.

On average 100 views = 20 cents and if you put an adsense account on it, you make 25 cents per 100 views

On average the referral ration is whatever you average in a day so if you get 400 views a day you will get between 375 referrals to 425 referrals a month.


Now you have your article, you need to make videos.

Make them in movie maker, make a simple slide-show which shows the item or pictures of gameplay.

If your going to use the gaming niche get some picture from google also if you can go into a store which sells games take a piece of paper with your username on it and take a photo this makes the video seem more legit because your showing the ACTUAL game.

Make 20 videos per niche.


Most people know about this site it gets you views on your videos but, make sure you check their forum to see if the views are crediting properly because sometime the ratio of credits to views is terrible.

Get past the Youtube view FREEZE point which is around 300 then move onto the next video.


Just like Viewet but you can get likes and comments.

Put 50 likes on you video.

You can write your own custom comments, write 50 they will be saved to your account and then randomly chosen from the 50.

This is a lot faster than using Youtube accounts to comment and like.

Thank you, and comment with any questions

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moving to Advertising & Promos

This is where it belongs...

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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