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Hello Everyone,

I'm the admin of IncreaseDollars.com and it's great to be part of this community.

About Increase Dollars

We are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment.

Secure and stable environment

Professional support

Instant services

Innovative ideas

Earn Money With Increase Dollars

As a member you can earn simply by viewing all the advertisements we display.

Effortless income

Guaranteed daily earnings

A dedicated community

Upgrade opportunities

Member Benefit

• Earn $0.2 Per Click

• Earn $0.01 Per Referral Click

• Low Minimum Withdrawal

• Paid To Join

• Paid To Read

• Traffic Exchange 1:1


• Free members can have max 15 direct referrals

• Upgrade members can have unlimited direct referrals

All members can have 1 level of referrals

To buy many referrals, go to My Account -> Buy Referrals

When you refer someone to the site you receive several benefits

• Standard Members 30% of their referral's earnings

• Upgrade Members 50% of their referral's earnings

5% Bonus of referral's purchases

5% Bonus when referrals upgrade

Join For Free Today - http://increasedollars.com

Advertise With Increase Dollars

You can advertise your website to help increase your sales and traffic.

Enhanced management

Potential clients

Country filtering

Detailed statistics

Advertise Now - http://increasedollars.com

Thank you Have a nice day Regards,

IncreaseDollars Team

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Hi all topgoldforum members,

come with some news and updates about Increase Dollars:

I extended referral contest until 31 August

- Just promote your referral link and you can easily earn $ 5 !

Site now has a new theme and many advertisements

- More opportunities to make money online $$$ :thumbsup:

This month we have a few surprises and bonuses for you

- Just register your site in our traffic exchange system, surf and you can earn cash bonuses or credits !

Bonuses for traffic exchange system are:

Earning Ratio 1:1

1500 clicks - 1$ Bonus

200 clicks - 2000 TE credits

400 clicks - 2000 Banner Ad credits

We have reduced prices for advertising packages

- Discounts and promotional packages at low prices

- Several thousand of visits daily from all over the world

You need visitors for your site? No problem,have different types of ads visits, link or banner, etc

You need to hire someone to do different work for you ? No problem, now in the paid to signup section you can add description, You can create task, etc

Just upgrade your account ( lifetime ) and have more earnings:

- More advertising with value ( min ) of $0.01 or $0.02

- 5% Bonus of referral's purchases

- 5% Bonus when referrals upgrade

- 5 Active referrals bonus, that I add them manually in your account

- 100000 X-Credits ( traffic exchange credits )

- 100000 F. Ad Credits

- 100000 Banner Credits

- 100000 F. Banner Credits

PS: I know that we are still new to the brand, but please to stay with us because we assure you that we are trust !

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Important News - This Site For Sale!

:( Unfortunately, although representing a great opportunity and a source of profits. not have time to take care of it,i do not have time for search any advertisers.

I worked hard at this GPT, who wants to buy makes a good deal!

All payments are done,

The site present does not have any technical problem,

The new script Maderite MRV5 http://www.maderitehosting.com/services.htm licensed, includes several upgrades,i bought it with $30,

Add-on Maderite PS v1 Ad Style http://www.maderitehosting.com/addons.htm#banner, price $9.99,

Paid To Signup + Description = Task

Theme licensed Onlinepaidclick.com - Viewz-DZ Template, price $12.99,

Ticket Support System , view demo - http://www.increasedollars.com/support/

Web Hosting Business - Best Hosting (RO) - http://www.best-hosting.ro/

Domain increasedollars.com from Name.com

I mention that you have free support for theme and script!

The price is $50 and include:

Domain, host, script, theme, ticket support system, PayPal account, PayPal account and database.

Who wants to buy can contact me at the address [email protected]

Buy Now - http://increasedollars.com

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