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Welcome to the Renewable Energy Investment Group Inc. website! We specializes in financing and operating renewable energy projects worldwide. The goal for REIGI is to be the premier resource for investors who are looking to invest in renewable energy. Well planned and managed renewable energy projects provide low-risk investments with reliable and healthy long-term returns. Our approach creates a win-win situation for both our clients and our investors, as well as the environment. REIGI focuses developing power generation projects from renewable energy resources. We also focus on new technologies that can provide clean and reliable energy. We work with leading energy companies, investors and government agencies. Our team brings over a decade of experience in energy markets and renewable energy technologies. We would thus love to have all visitors take part in the intelligence gathering process so that we can strive to meet our company's goals. REIGI offers an investment platform for all levels of investors, individual to institutional, medium to long term.



We accept most popular e-currencies: Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.


We offer 9 investment plans, you can choose the plan which to you will favourable.


All plans are considered on calendar days.


Our company works from Monday through Friday, but payments of 7 days in a week.


You can make withdrawal request it at any time.


Payments within 24 hours after the request (7 days a week).


Compounding is not used.


You can make unlimited quantity of deposits, and increase the profit.


Deposit return after investment period expired.


A deposit can be prematurely closed if desired, for this purpose contact financial department.


We offer our client to earn 4% from every deposit made by his referral. You can use advertizing banners for attraction of referrals.


Name Duration Interest Min Deposit Max Deposit Deposit Returned Prematurely Withdrawal

Energy Test 14 days 1,1% 10$ 10000$ Yes No

Energy 30 30 days 1,3% 50$ 500000$ Yes No

Energy 60 60 days 1,5% 50$ 500000$ Yes No

Energy 90 90 days 1,6% 100$ 500000$ Yes Yes

Energy 120 120 days 1,7% 100$ 500000$ Yes Yes

Energy 150 150 days 1,8% 100$ 500000$ Yes Yes

Energy 180 180 days 2,0% 500$ 500000$ Yes Yes

Energy 240 240 days 2,2% 1000$ 500000$ Yes Yes

Energy 300 300 days 2,4% 1000$ 500000$ Yes Yes

Accepts: LR, PM

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