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What Comes Close To Wordpress And Blogger?

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Hi, I only know that WordPress and Blogger are the two most widely used CMS or websites. What comes next? Or is there something better?

Certainly I know that most of the websites in the world now a days r on WordPress, they remain active or not, its another issue.

They have certainly won so many awards also which includes:

In 2007 WordPress won a Packt Open Source CMS Award.

In 2009 WordPress won the best Open Source CMS Award.

In 2010 WordPress won the Hall of Fame CMS category in the 2010 Open Source Awards.

In 2011 WordPress won the Open Source Web App of the Year Award at The Critters.

In a list released by Technorati of top 20 blogging websites.

The number 1 Blog (The Huffington Post) uses Movable Type as blogging software.

Number 2 Blog (Gizmodo) uses Gawker bespoke software as blogging software.

But out of 20 websites, 9 are in WordPress, two are in Drupal, two are in Gawker bespoke software and two in Movable Type.

So do you think that any Blogging software have the potential to WordPress in Numbers Game. Certainly there must be something that the top 2 websites are not using WordPress. And the reason more websites use WordPress is because of its ease. Not because of its capabilities.

These are my thoughts, yours can be different. :)

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Well if you are talking about CMS I wll say Joomla is a good candidate and I've seen a lot of sites using it. Also there are many developers that create extensions and themes for this CMS.

Well about blogging platform what about BlogEngine and B2Evolution !? I've seen some sites powered by this 2 platforms and have enough features.

Personally I will stick with WordPress as I know most of the Plugins that I need for SEO, accesibility, facebook and twitter integration and how to tweak themes so...is good enough for me..

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Ya its a good share from you guys.One thing for sure both networks are trying to give their users the best customization facility and more better experience and recent changes to blogger platform at least say us that.

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Has anyone tried downloading software from https://theluckywp.com/product/wiki-linking/, does it work ok on your devices? You know, I`ve been looking for something like that for quite a time and it seems I have finally found what I need but still I`d like to find out someone`s opinion on the matter, well, what do you think about this stuff, is it worth its money? I`m eager to learn it from you guys!

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