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Official Filefat.com Launch:$50 Per 1000 Downloads

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Dear Partners,

As you are all aware, Filefat.com has been around for the last 4 months and growing by the day.

We have introduced a range of attractive offers for uploaders and webmaster which we consider to be the first in the industry and the best, ever introduced. What sets us apart from others in the industry are; we have taken into consideration the request of partners in their overall earnings, which we believe has been a bone of contention, for some time now. We have increased the download speeds and offering ‘’free downloads for all’’.


Our Payment Plans:

Plan A: Earn Up To $50 Per Thousand Downloads:

Plan B: Earn Up To 70% Per Premium Sale + 30% Rebill

Plan C: Our Triple Payment Plan Earn 50% PPD + 50% PPS + 50% Rebill

Plan D:

$ 7 PPS + $4 REBILL

$10 PPS + $3 REBILL

Additional Information

- 25% referral (Highest in the industry)

- Pay every week, with Paypal, Alertpay, Cheque or Wire Transfer

- Just $20 Minimum Withdrawal

- Custom deals available for sites with high traffic.

For more information of our Payment Plans please go here: http://www.filefat.com/makemoney.html


- Speed: Up to 500Kb/s

- Max File Download: Uploader Chooses

- Waiting Time: 10s then 10 mins between downloads

- Download Restrictions: None

- Upload File Size: 3GB

- Upload Systems: Web, Remote, Desktop and FTP


- Speed: Over 5MB/s+

- Max File Download: 5GB

- Waiting Time: None

- Download Restrictions: None

- Upload File Size: 10,000MB

- Upload Systems: Web, Remote, Desktop and FTP

Webmasters Program:

Filefat has launched a new program that benefits those who own forums/blogs/websites that host our links. Our program is quite simple, whether you are the uploader or not, you benefit from this program as long as you own the website.

How It Works:

As you know, most websites/blogs/forums generate income from serving ads. We have created a space on our site that enable owners of websites, to run their ad codes on pages, downloader's from their website, are directed to, to download a file, on our site.


You run a website that has 1000 Filefat download links. When a user clicks on any link to download a file, we show them your banners. This means, if for example, you have 1000 Filefat links on your website and 10 of each gets downloaded a day, you would be serving an extra 10,000 banner impression a day, earning you extra funds with your advertising company! And it is absolutely free to join! All you have to do is to encourage your uploaders to host their files on our site!

Here are some more facts and figures that you may find helpful:

Do you have FTP upload: Yes.

Can I pull my files from other host: Yes we have a free Leech feature that allows you to pull files from a number of hosts.

Can I Mirror your files: Yes, we allow mirroring, however, do note that mirroring your files may greatly reduce how much you earn if people are downloading from other hosts.

I need support: Need support, please click on support at the bottom of any of our pages to contact us:https://www.filefat.com/helpdesk/

If you haven’t joined us yet, now is the time to do so in order to benefit from our CRAZY promotions almost EVERY month!!

Also, if you have the ability to bring on a lot more traffic, contact me to make a special deal.

On a final note; we do know that most of you already use other file hosting companies to host your files. We understand the stress of moving from one file host to another; however, we hope you give us a try and together we can forge a long term partnership.

Best regards,

Affiliate Manager


Email: [email protected]

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