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Surf4Cash - mysurf4cash.com

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My Surf 4 Cash Club

Now online and paying since October 2007

Is a new innovation in the advertising market. We are not an investment site and we do not pay 4 surfing the web, but for viewing Advertisements from other members.

* You can join 4 free 4 Thirty Days. But should you decide to buy ad packs to advertise your site to our members, you can earn your ROA.

* Yes You will Enjoy 30 - 31% monthly rebate on all ad Pack Purchases

* Our site is designed for those who want to earn real cash while they promote their products.

MS4CC has designed a way for you to drive traffic to your web sites while earning credits for

viewing other member's sites.

* Each Advertising Position costs $5.00 with a maximum of $2,000.

* You may purchase as many Advertising positions at one time as you wish until your maximum is


* A 1% rebate on all Advertising Positions purchased will be paid after the $5.00 minimum is reached, upon request, twice each month.

* Your first time upgrade buy will be awarded 1,000 credits.

* Free members can surf the sites for credits only on a 1:2 ratio.

We offer our members 2% Commissions on all referrals for Upgraded Members. Our current payment processors are Solid Trust Pay and AlertPay ONLY.

Paid To Click Area

You can use MS4CC's Paid to Click Area to help grow your account.

Payments of $.05 to $.01 or credits per site viewed for all members, depending on how many are


You are welcome to add one or more of your own at a reasonable price.

Join Our Team Today!


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Update from Admin.:


Hello MS4CC members.

The time has come to close the doors to new registrations. MySurf4Cash has been growing slowly but surely and it has almost reached the plateau that I had set to start closing the door. No big fanfare, No problems, just time to do it. So if you know of anyone that would like to sneak in then tell them to hurry up and get it done.

There may be a bit of a rush at the last minute, so I am allowing for that. I plan to close at the end of this month, July 31st but if it gets out of hand it will close earlier.

This is not an invitation for a bunch of free members to hop on board and not upgrade. All accounts that have not upgraded (free members only) will be removed within two or three weeks after the door is closed. Don't plan to keep any free loaders. But if you old time members want to upgrade too, I certainly won't stop you. LOL It will help my Forex bottom line and your bottom line too.

This is not a permanent thing, but it will be a while before it is open again. If someone doesn't make it in time, they will just have to wait.

MS4CC has been open for almost two years now so we have a pretty good track record. We plan to be here for a good while yet so get your buddies in before it's too late.

Jack and CN



Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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This is a low % surf, so it takes time to earn...

Surfing is smooth and site works great :thumbup:

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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