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Hello Dear Friends! Let me introduce you to Business!

In 2004, Talk Fusion Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, wanted to email a 10-sec video to friends. America Online said it couldn't be done; Bob believed it could. With the help and expertise of an IT genius friend, together, they achieved the seemingly impossible and perfected the idea of putting videos into emails.

Starting in the US in 2007, the success of our crystal clear Video Email Product quickly spread around the world. Today, Talk Fusion continues to gain global momentum. Expanded into over 85 countries and become the 8th largest online video content provider in the world—surpassing known industry giants such as Yahoo, AOL, Viacom, CBS and MegaVideo.

Talk Fusion has succeeded in bringing the world together by forever changing the way people communicate. The phenomenon that began with one incredible Video Email Product has developed into seven-cutting edge Video Communication Products - Video Email, Video Blog, Video Share, Video Auto Responder, E-Subscription Form, Video Conferencing and Fusion Wall—our 3-D social and business networking site that changed the face of social media.

Today, the overwhelming majority of video on the Internet is uploaded to social media sites. By 2013, it is estimated that over 60% of all online content will be video. Talk Fusion is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this trend.

Out of thousands of MLM companies, we are one of only 200 to be granted membership into the prestigious Direct Selling Association (DSA).

We are also honored to be members of the Direct Selling Educational Institute in Dubai (DSEI).

The DSA & DSEI are dedicated to enforcing ethical practices

and professionalism in Direct Selling


A Business Center has 2 empty positions below it. You make sales to Sue and Bob filling the two empty positions below you. (1 on the left Team and 1 on the right Team)

You have now become a Bronze Associate and have qualified to earn Team commissions.

You now have two Team sales – one of the left and one on the right. Each time your Team creates 2 NEW Team sales with a 1:1 balance between each Team, it is called a "Cycle". For each cycle, you are paid $25 USD. You are paid for the number of cycles earned.

You are now a Bronze qualified Associate with personal sales to Sue and Bob.

In this example, your Team made 3 sales on the Left and 5 on the Right during one week. Since you completed 3 cycles of a 1:1 ratio, 3 sales are deducted on the left and 3 sales are deducted on the right. You are paid $75 USD for those 3 cycles.

You start the new commission week with 0 sales on the left and 2 sales on the right.

Personally introduce 2 New Associates, one on the left and one on the right, and you are now qualified to earn a 10% Matching Bonus on all cycle income earned on ALL of your personally sponsored Associates. Advancement Bonuses are onetime bonuses that are paid when you reach a specified rank for the first time and maintain that rank for two consecutive weeks.

Rank “Diamond” Cycles 100 Cash Bonus – 1000$

Rank “Double Diamond” Cycles 150 Cash Bonus – 2000$

Rank “Triple Diamond” Cycles 200 Cash Bonus – 3000$

Rank “Diamond Elite” Cycles 250 Cash Bonus – 5000$

This revenue sharing bonus pool is earned by qualified Blue Diamonds and above.

They share in 1% of the total Sales Volume WORLDWIDE.

All Independent Associates are given a free Global Cash Card once they earn a commission.

Commissions are calculated in real time upon every paid sale. Commissions are paid every week and directly deposited onto your Global Cash Card. They can be withdrawn from ATMs in your own currency.

For $25 USD, you can also purchase a Talk Fusion Debit MasterCard (US and Canada only)

To participate in the project, click on the link http://1825059.talkfusion.com

and click "JOIN", then choose what you need:

"BECOME AN INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATE" – I want to start my own Talk Fusion business and earn extra income.

"BECOME A CUSTOMER" - I want to purchase Talk Fusion's Video Communication Products, but I am not interested in the business opportunity at the present time.

Do not miss this opportunity and sign up now! While you wait, others are earning!

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Denis how is this money making opportunity working for you.. Did you made any money yet?

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Thank you for your question Dennis.

I earn money every day, in the amount earned for more than $ 2,000.

Help me make the tools that the company is Talk Fusion! With their help, you can invite people to this fascinating business.

PK Most recently was a video presentation of the CEO, Bob Reina. And who has the status of "3 STARS" get Mercedes-Benz C Class. :ohmy: And this will continue!

It's just amazing! I invite everyone interested in this fascinating world of Talk Fusion! :rolleyes:

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